Dr. Scott Roethle, MD is an accomplished board certified anesthesiologist and published co-author with a passion for helping people become and stay healthy. In addition to his specialty in anesthesia and perioperative medicine, he is trained and experienced in functional health, hormone therapy, IV nutrition, ketamine infusion, detox, and pain therapies.

Dr. Roethle brings over 16 years of high-level experience in clinical work, critical care, medical and scientific research, advocacy and medical leadership, entrepreneurial, and hands-on patient care to the care team at in2GREAT.

His philosophies on health and wellness are guided by his Christian beliefs; including the commandment to love your neighbor, the notion of treating your body like a temple, and helping patients to do this in order to achieve true health and wellness. Frustrated with the current healthcare system/model of endless prescriptions and procedures, all meant to just suppress the symptoms of serious illness or disease, he has spent years training and shifting his focus to truly help patients address their illness and achieve the health and vitality they desire.

Dr. Roethle’s passion for helping people was a driving force in him co-founding a Kansas City health technology startup in health advocacy, helping patients navigate their medical care and optimize outcomes. The business focused on advocating for better health by giving individual’s access to nursing professionals outside of a medical practice or hospital. Dr. Roethle remains committed to shifting the healthcare industry by optimizing care aimed at improving health and not just treating symptoms of disease.

As a physician anesthesiologist, Dr. Roethle’s experience has been clinical, with hands-on patient care as well as oversight and management of a group and division. For seven years, he was the Director of OB Anesthesia at the fetal health center and helped establish a novel program in maternal-fetal medicine, helping to build a successful, and the first regional, program for intrauterine repair of fetal anomalies. He served as Center Chief for several years and then as an Executive Board Member, Vice President, and Treasurer of a large anesthesia group practice. His critical care experience includes covering a Covid-19 ICU in Long Island, NY, during April 2020, and in a hospital in Missouri both before and during the pandemic.

Dr. Roethle has always been a leader outside of the patient care area, in advocacy, and medical association roles, including serving as President of the Kansas Society of Anesthesiologists. He also served as a Delegate to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), a member on a number of ASA committees, and an Executive Board Member of the Kansas City Medical Society.

My passion is to help people get and stay healthy. We practice differently in order to do this for our patients. I don’t practice in the traditional medical model, where most other doctors just prescribe more pills and procedures to manage symptoms of serious disease. What we do at In2GREAT is truly top-notch HEALTHcare!

Education and Licensure
  • University of Minnesota Medical School, Medical Doctorate, 2005
Postgraduate Education
  • University of Texas – Houston, Intern year, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, 2006
  • University of Texas – Houston, Residency, Anesthesiology, 2009
  • Board Certification, American Board of Anesthesiologists, 2010-present
  • Fellow, American Society of Anesthesiologists, 2017-present
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