Eli Priest is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), a Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP), and one of Kansas City’s most passionate minds when it comes to the subject of how nutrition plays into an individual’s health and wellness. She is also a Certified Clinical Homeopathic Specialist (CCHS).

Armed with a true understanding of the healing priorities of the body, Eli is able to identify blocking factors and imbalances, and create highly customized therapeutic healing protocols for the clients she works with.

As a FNTP, she approaches clients’ health care concerns with a holistic approach to nutrition based on the Dr. Weston A. Price findings.

As a MRWP, she is trained in the art and science of gastrointestinal healing and optimizing hormones. She is training to use advanced clinical tools such as lab testing and interpretation, giving her the ability to customize client protocols to resolve even the most complicated gastrointestinal issues and identify and correct imbalances that may be driving hormonal dysfunction.

As a CCHS, when appropriate, she also incorporates comprehensive homeopathic methods and remedies into patients’ protocols.

Additionally, she incorporates traditionally prepared food and a foundational root-cause approach to health, relying on the fact that our bodies are constantly striving to achieve homeostasis, and by properly nourishing it, we can do just that!

Before becoming a FNTP, Eli was first introduced to functional medicine in 2010. Back then, she quickly realized everything she thought she understood about health wasn’t very accurate, or at least was leaving out a lot of important considerations. Now excited by what she learned about functional medicine, she immersed herself into learning everything she could, and found herself working with two of the best functional medicine doctors in Kansas City.

After nine-plus years of being a care coordinator and listening to all the stories and pain people struggle with in trying to achieve health for themselves and their families, Eli was driven to contribute more to a person’s healing journey.

Knowing the enormous role food and nutrition play in achieving and maintaining health, Eli began looking for a way to use her passion for great food, healthy eating, and amazing cooking abilities to educate and help people reach their health goals at a foundational level. After some encouragement and self-reflection she enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Associations (NTA) course to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, FNTP. This decision was one that changed how she looks at health and wellness, and the course of her life and professional career forever.

Commencing on the NTA course Eli thought, ‘this will be easy, I already know so much’… but she was quickly humbled and realized that while she did know a lot, there was so much more to learn. As challenging as it was, on so many different levels, to get through these studies she proudly completed the course with honors in June 2020.

Being a lifelong learner, Eli quickly decided to further her understanding and training, and enrolled in the Restorative Wellness Solutions program, earning certification in Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Master restorative wellness.

As a mother of three amazing children, including one beautiful teenage daughter, Eli sees a need to educate young girls on their health and wellness. It is an important topic for her, and one she’s passionate about gaining further knowledge on. This led to her taking a 7-week course called Women Are Not Small Men, based on the book Roar by Dr. Stacy Sims. The course focused on exercise, nutrition, and the menstrual cycle for female athletes. Far too often in sitting in consults with mothers and daughters it has become so abundantly clear the misinformation or lack of information most parents and teens simply do not have about a healthy functioning body. Teaching teenage girls the importance of eating real foods, the importance of the quality of their thoughts/ mindset, and educating them about the female cycle is such a vital piece to setting up healthy generations to come in our community. This has quickly become a passion of Eli’s and drives her desire to empower young girls with the tools they need to create a solid foundation of health at a young age in which they can pass on to their children!

Eli has always pushed herself hard to learn more, know more, take the road less traveled, and not settle for the status quo. She is dedicated to continuing her education and training in the Functional Medicine/ Functional Nutrition industry, staying current with the latest trends in the industry, and utilizing the newest and most comprehensive tools available.

When Eli is not at work, she’s a busy mom of three amazing children, who she honestly admits, are her greatest teachers. She loves good food, cooking, travel, music, listening to records (especially her favorite band, the Smiths), and playing the piano. Sometimes you’ll even catch her singing in the car or to her kids. She is an avid runner and a triathlete, and also a creative; having studied fine art at KU. Oh yeah, and Eli is short for Elizabeth.

I see a need for a lot of change in today’s society when it relates to the health of an individual or society as a whole. I am dedicated to educating and empowering individuals, cultivating a community, and working towards a global paradigm shift to reverse the negative effects of the modern diet through nutritional therapy, sustainable food, and balanced lifestyles. I enjoy being a part of a movement that is creating change in the health and wellness industry and I hope to spark change in the health of the people I work with. At the end of each day, if I have made one lasting imprint on one person, then I am serving my purpose and it makes me feel confident that the change that is needed to shift the health of our society in a better direction will come.

Education, Certifications, and Licensure

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Association

Course outline and modules of study (325 credit hours):

  • Evolution of the Modern Diet
  • The Basics of Nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Digestion and Elimination
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Fatty Acids
  • Mineral Balance
  • Hydration
  • Endocrine and Immune Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Nutritional Detoxification
  • Sleep, Stress and Movement, Therapeutic Lifestyle Management
  • Environmental Factors
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Client Consultation Process and Functional Clinical Assessment

NTA MemberMaster Restorative Wellness PractitionerCCHS

Restorative Wellness Practitioner (level 1), Restorative Wellness Solutions

Mastering the Art and Science of GI healing (24 credit hours)

  • Digestion and Anatomy and Physiology
  • Understanding the GI-MAP, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, SIBO and MRT food sensitivity testing
  • GI healing solutions
  • Adverse Food Reactions
  • Nutrients, Foods and Special Diets
  • Supplements and Lifestyle

Restorative Wellness Practitioner (level 2), Restorative Wellness Solutions

Mastering the Art of and Science of Optimizing Hormones (24 credit hours)

  • Assess and optimize adrenal and HPA Axis function
  • Assess and rebalance male hormones, identify and resolve causes of androgen imbalances
  • Restore balance in cycling female hormones from PMS to PCOS to fertility
  • Evaluate and support hormone balance and bone health to reclaim a healthy menopause
  • Understanding and interpreting comprehensive labs such as DUTCH Complete and CAR, Adrenal Stress Profile, Bone Health Panel, DUTCH Cycle Mapping,
  • Expanded Cycling Female Hormone Panel, Perimenopause Panel, Post Menopause Panel and Male Hormone Panel

Restorative Wellness Practitioner (level 3), Restorative Wellness Solutions

Mastering the Art and Science of Nutritional Blood Chemistry

  • How to analyze and regulate blood sugar handling
  • Assess and support optimal cardiovascular function
  • Identify and correct anemias and other nutritional deficiencies
  • Master thyroid regulation
  • Strengthen and modulate the immune System
  • Evaluating and supporting the renal system

Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Solutions

The Art and Science of Clinical Mastery

  • Identify and manage genetic polymorphisms
  • Apply our deep detoxification methodology, including identifying hidden pathogens, heavy metals and mold, and how to eliminate them
  • Successfully manage the Autoimmune Phenomenon: Driving factors, assessment, nutritional management, and beyond
  • Support the Optimal Brain: Development, function, aging, trauma, and imbalances

Certified Clinical Homeopathic Specialist

The teachings for the course were based off of traditional Homeopathy Philosophies, which includes the Law of Similars, the Law of Proving, the Law of Potentization, The Dynamic Plane and Totality of Symptoms, Vitalism, and the Hahnemann Constitutional Theory (constitution, miasim, temperament).

  • Understanding the history and evolution of homeopathy and its principles
  • Understanding homeopathic potencies and primary remedies
  • Using homeopathy in a clinical setting to support a variety of prevalent health conditions
  • Layering homeopathy into complex protocols and troubleshooting techniques

Women Are Not Small Men Certified

Women Are Not Small Men Course, by Dr. Stacy Sims, based on her book ROAR (30 credit hours)

  • History of Women in Sport and Research
  • Carbohydrate (daily and fueling needs)/ Protein (muscle recovery)
  • Female Sex Hormones and their role in sport performance
  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)
  • Training with the female cycle
  • Training using the Environment
Selected Memberships:
  • The Nutritional Therapy Association Alumni group
  • doTERRA Wellness Advocate
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