Continuing to support you in your journey

Once you’ve moved into the maintenance phase of your health and and wellness goals, we can continue to support you with a 6-month personalized maintenance health plan. Enrollment eligibility determined by your provider.

We also offer services with a la carte pricing, but this membership provides more support and more cost savings across all our integrative services and resources.

Great health is a continuum. We all need to constantly work on being healthy. Whether from growing older, or changes in your environment; something unexpected happening, or a new virus infecting the world, being healthy and living a fulfilling life doesn’t have a stopping point. We need to make adjustments to health plans and diets, accordingly make changes to our lifestyle, and continually work to prevent future health issues. Remember, you now have control of your own health. But we’ll always be here to support you in your journey. That’s what makes us a true integrated health and wellness partner.

TotalWellness Membership

Our TotalWellness plan includes:

  • 25% discount on all functional medicine + functional nutrition consultations
  • 15% discount on many therapies and labs, intra-office services and programs, products, and supplements
  • Personalized protocol development
  • Ongoing comprehensive research
  • Direct email access to your provider without appointment
  • Access to on-staff medical director
  • Letters of medical necessity (at no additional charge)

TotalWellness is a 6-month membership that gives continued access to our providers and services, plus discounts on supplements and services.


Additional details:

  • $150 one-time enrollment fee
  • All plans run on a 6-month renewal basis. With every renewal, members are given a $75 credit to use at in2GREAT.
Get continued support!
For existing patients, if you're ready to signup for a plan, or would like to learn more, give us a call.