What having a truly integrative health and wellness partner means

Once you’re a patient, we’re committed to remaining your health and wellness partner for the rest of your life. For that to happen, we need to work together. We’re not just telling you what to do like conventional medicine often does. We’re walking hand-and-hand together along your journey to your best health – having detailed conversations, asking ‘why’ and digging deeper, being supportive, and applauding your successes. We (both you and us) are 100% invested in seeing you reach your health and wellness goals.

Whether you’re addressing a chronic disease or want to better support your whole self and prevent disease and illness, it requires the integration of medicine, nutrition, holistic primary care, therapies, supplements, education, and a health and healing community and network of complementary services and like-minded people. You get all that at in2GREAT.

Health and happiness realized with functional medicine
Functional Medicine Root-Cause
A greater ability to reverse chronic disease

With functional medicine, we have the ability to more accurately identify and address the root cause of a chronic disease. This has resulted in a lot of success helping people reverse an illness that, at other practices, was previously difficult to identify and treat.

Health and Wellness Tools
Expertly delivered health and wellness tools

You have access to the most-effective therapies, purest supplements, extensive resource library, and expert nutritional information. When lab work is needed, we know when to look at what, and what not to look at when. We are constantly learning about and bringing in the latest proven healing methods and treatments.

Ownership of health and wellness
More control of your health

Once you have the complete picture of your health, you now have true ownership of your health and wellness. There is no more guessing, fewer questions, and you have confidence in the decisions you’re making about your health.

Personalized Care
Truly personalized care

Why would another practice do the exact same thing for every patient regardless of where each is on the continuum of one’s health journey – from discovery, to interpretation, to implementation, and management. It makes absolutely no sense! That’s why your care with us is truly individualized. Not just one part, everything. Your personal treatment or true health optimization plan is developed and supported specifically to your unique needs.

Reaching Health and Wellness Goals
More attainable health goals

We all have health goals we’d like to achieve. Whether it’s simply feeling greater, or continuing to run marathons. Whatever it is, the body needs to function properly to reach those goals. From medicine to nutrition, IV therapies to supplements, we have the abilities and resources to help you get to where you want to go.

Health Partner
A partner for life

Great health is a continuum. We get older, our environment changes, or something unexpected happens. We all need to adapt and constantly work on being healthy. That’s why it’s so important having a health and wellness partner you can trust, one that has in mind your best interests and unique needs, and one with the integrative resources to help and support your health no matter your age or condition.

Let's partner up!
Are you ready to work together with a practice truly committed to helping you reach your goals?