An allergy doctor’s approach to functional medicine

The histamine and/or inflammatory response causing allergies can come from a wide variety of places and body systems. The conventional medicine model uses medications to suppress allergy responses rather than balancing the system internally to no longer have allergic responses.

All types of allergies can have improvements and/or resolutions with a functional medicine approach. Many families are told that they will live with a particular allergy for their lifetime or their child will simply outgrow it, but a functional medicine approach proves that the body can be balanced and inflammation causing allergic reactions can be calmed. At some level symptom management may need to occur, but this can usually be done through immune system support, herbal tinctures, and even CPTG™ essential oils.

We seek to understand the source of inflammation through a thorough evaluation of symptoms and health history, combined with specific lab testing. This allows us to address your needs with natural solutions so you do not have to be daily dependent on synthetic medications with potentially harmful side effects. Consider a functional medicine approach for any of these type of allergy reactions:

  • Contact dermatitis
  • Seasonal allergies/hay fever
  • Food allergy
  • Contact/skin allergy
  • Dust and pet allergy