Are You Ready To Feel Better?

Finding the right alternative medicine Overland Park KS practitioner can make all the difference for your health. It is no longer a just a few people that feel our current medical system is failing us. Almost everyone is interested in an alternative option to conventional medical treatments. While some people desire more natural, alternative options, others feel they are out of options to address their current health situation. The conventional system often has no real answers, and sometimes only more drugs with side effects that are worse than the initial problem. If this is you, then be assured, you are not alone and we can help. We are the team that specializes in alternative medicine Overland Park KS can rely on.

On a daily basis we talk to people who feel their symptoms and discomfort have been minimized, brushed off, and not taken seriously. We continually hear stories of lab values that are normal based on standard reference ranges, but uncomfortable and even debilitating symptoms remain with no real answers. You are not the problem, an inconvenience, or being difficult when you know there is something still wrong even though it is not starkly evident. You should not be made to feel small or insignificant when it comes to advocating for your own health! This is why many people turn to us for alternative medicine in Overland Park KS. More and more people are turning to more natural options for healthcare because of the negative effects they have experienced, or want to avoid in conventional, drug based models of disease care. We know medications are often the right course of action and we are grateful for the life-saving options. If you break a leg, have a severe cut, or car accident, you better believe you want the best surgeon and trauma doctor available! But when it comes to lifestyle related health issues and chronic diseases, we see the best results when people use options like we offer as the alternative medicine Overland Park KS can count on.

How We Are Different

There are many people claiming to be alternative, holistic, or functional medicine doctors. We think that’s great, but we also know there is an incredibly wide range of skill and experience out there. We have highly trained, and exceptionally experienced doctors who truly know what they are doing!

#1 Your personalized care

We go far beyond a basic health history. We truly want and need to know about all areas of your life including childhood health, how you eat, your stress, sleep, and work. We’re not being nosy, we’re getting the whole picture. The best medicine is personalized to who you are and how your body works. Gone are the days of standard protocols implemented for large groups of people with similar overlapping symptoms. Exceptional alternative medicine Overland Park KS will never have the same plan from one person to the next because you are YOU, not the person sitting next to you in the office.

#2 High level, evidence-based, comprehensive medicine

If we’ve learned one thing in our almost 20 years of helping people heal, it is that being relentless, lifelong learners who keep pushing to know more, do better, and not settle for status quo is worth it. It’s worth it for us to keep challenging ourselves to get better, and get you better. You deserve no less than a team that uses all the tools available from ancient herbs to cutting edge technology. Our version of alternative medicine Overland Park KS is far from the stereotypical bottles of supplements that may do the trick. We are at the forefront of incredible science that is changing the landscape of medicine. We believe the new pioneers of medicine are those in functional medicine.

#3 Empowered education and lifestyle support

We promise to work hard for you in understanding your medical issues so they can be so you can feel better. We also know that a big part of improving health is lifestyle related. This means we address nutrition, sleep, movement, and stress when considering how to get you well. Change is not easy so we are by your side the whole time.

What to Expect

When you are part of our team that excels in alternative medicine Overland Park KS we take our time with you. We back up, settle in, and listen to your story. We know the body is complex, resilient, and issues rarely begin overnight. You feeling poorly has likely been in process for years, even if the symptoms are relatively new. That means you feeling well requires peeling back the layers of your health. We hear you through your medical and personal history and we see you as a whole person by reviewing your lifestyle practices. Then we asses through functional medicine lab testing. This comprehensive initial assessment gives us a road map specific to you. Exceptional practitioners like those at in2GREAT Integrative Health are the alternative medicine Overland Park KS residents need.

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