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Are Antibiotics Worth It?

Overall, many doctors are using antibiotics less than they did a few years ago. However, the effectiveness of antibiotics against a variety of powerful bacteria still remains low. Not not mention, they do nothing to kill viruses, parasites, and fungi. Keep reading for our alternative to antibiotics.

Most antibiotics kill too many of the good bacteria our bodies  need. This leaves you vulnerable to other health issues after the antibiotics are finished. Many people have secondary issues, like diarrhea after the use of an antibiotic that take weeks.

Additionally, the resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics made by the pharmaceutical industry is a real problem. There are times when antibiotics are crucial, life-saving treatment, but many times, they are simply not needed. The overuse is what causes our bodies to develop a resistance to antibiotic. This means they don’t work anymore. The good news is, there are real alternatives.

Are There Alternatives to Antibiotics?

Results RNA is doing a great job when it comes to powerful and effective alternative to antibiotics.  The most widely used is a form of cellular silver. They have a wide variety of specialized formulas too.

Cellular silver is actually naturally occurring and has been used for 100’s of years to treat infections. There used to even be healthy, naturally occurring levels of silver in food sources, but those are dramatically decreased now that our food sources are becoming more depleted of nutrients.

ACS 200 is a Results RNA product which kills pathogenic bacteria and strengthens the immune system at the same time. There is no evidence of toxicity in an FDA protocol toxicity study.

One of our favorite uses of this product is the swish and swallow aspect of the spray as it not only absorbs systemically to support your whole body, but also kills bacteria in the mouth that is often missed as a source of chronic infections and which antibiotics do not reach (since we swallow them in a capsule).

ACS 200 is a product we carry at LifeWorks Integrative Health and use for acute immune support as well as long-term immune support. This is a stand out product for protection from seasonal colds, flu and all the other winter ickys!

See How It Works

The research speaks for itself in how quickly ACS 200 can kill infections.

When there is a legitimate need for an antibiotic, ACS 200 can make antibiotics more effective. A study in 2013 from Science Translational Medicine showed the use of ACS 200 improve the effectiveness of antibiotics by 1,000 times. This makes what we have more effective and aids in the general prevalence of antibiotic resistance.

Be prepared to support your family! See all the Results RNA products in our supplement store.

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