Toxic plastics in water bottles

Reducing our toxic load

A recent study reports bottled water can contain alarmingly high levels of plastic nanoparticles. These particles contribute to our bodies toxic load leading to the dysfunction of body systems and the potential for disease developing. So what do we do to combat this?

No to the flu shot, from a functional medicine perspective

Should You Skip the Flu Shot? A Functional Medicine Perspective

Whether it’s TV, radio, or from friends and family, everyone has probably heard ‘It’s time to get your flu shot. But maybe you’re unsure and debating if you should skip the flu shot this year. We want to share our…

environmental toxins

How to Limit Your Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Avoiding environmental toxins in today’s society might seem impossible—they are everywhere! If you haven’t already read Environmental Toxins: Part I and How Environmental Toxins Impact your Body: Part II of our Environmental Toxins Series, take a moment to go over…

skin care shawnee ks


TOXIC SKIN CARE PRODUCTS The personal care product industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, but with little regulation or transparency. It is because of that, consumers must educate themselves on how the products they use on…