Center for Integrative Medicine in Overland Park KS

Holistic medicine seeks to engage the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – in the process of healing and reaching optimum wellness. At the in2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health, a center for integrative medicine in Overland Park KS, our holistic medicine specialists seek to help our patients achieve a proper balance in all things that contribute to overall health.

True Holistic Medicine

Practitioners of truly holistic medicine, also sometimes called functional medicine, view each patient as the sum of numerous interdependent parts that must work together seamlessly in order to achieve total balance or optimal health. If a single part is not in sync with the others, various other parts will be affected, a domino effect.. This is why some conditions or problems can cause symptoms that may seem unrelated within the realm of conventional medicine.

In2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health, a center for integrative medicine in Overland Park KS, works to use all forms of healthcare to treat patients. This can include conventional medicine as well as complimentary alternatives and eastern medicine techniques. Whatever is the most effective method or combination of methods for treatment to diagnose and treat the root problem, that is what characterizes true holistic medicine.

Consider migraine headaches as an example. Conventional medicine acknowledges that migraines are a chronic problem, but does little to nothing about discerning a root cause. A physician trained in conventional medicine simply treats the symptoms to try and help the patient find relief. This is usually in the form of medications, which can only provide temporary pain relief, and is not very effective.

A holistic doctor will closely examine all the potential factors that may be causing the migraines, including existing conditions, sleep habits, diet, stress, personal problems, environmental contributions along with many other factors. A recommended treatment may use medications for symptomatic relief, but also may include dietary or other lifestyle changes, stress-relief practices, or other approaches. The overall goal is to correct and prevent the headaches from recurring, not just to treat the surface symptoms.

Holistic Medicine at In2GREAT Center for Integrative Medicine in Overland Park KS

When seeking out a holistic medicine practitioner in Overland Park Kansas, your choices may be limited. However, that only means you should be emphatic in your search. Do not settle for conventional medicine treatments that do not adequately address your needs, especially if you suffer from chronic illnesses or conditions.

Call (913) 308-0169 or send a message online to arrange a consultation with one of the holistic medicine specialists at In2GREAT Center for Integrative Medicine in Overland Park KS. We bring vibrance to your life with whole-person healthcare.

Dr Corey Priest, DC - Functional medicine practitioner

About the author

Dr. Corey Priest has been practicing functional medicine since 2001. in2GREAT was founded in 2014 by Dr Priest after 13 years of experience with his other practices. Over his career, Dr. Priest has worked with and helped well over 10,000 patients under a functional medicine model.

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