COVID-19 – Prevention & Recovery

Helping you prevent and recover from COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19 with functional medicine

First and foremost, making sure your body is functioning properly is the best way to prevent getting COVID-19. But the more you’re around people and continually being exposed, the more help your body and immune system needs to stay strong and keep you protected. If you do get COVID-19, we’ve successfully helped many patients recover using proven treatments and implementing plans based on functional medicine and nutrition. And if you’re one of the many who is now experiencing health issues after getting vaccinated, we can help you too!

We practice a foundational approach to medicine integrating different treatment modalities to heal the whole-person, with functional medicine and nutrition at the core. The world knows COVID-19 affects individuals differently depending on pre-existing health conditions and other factors. When one looks at that fact and considers every illness is unique to the individual, it brings to question why anyone would take a blanket approach to caring for COVID-19, or any illness for that matter. Which leads to how foundational medicine, and it’s emphasis on addressing the root cause through science-based and individualized care, is perfectly suited to help you and your family through this period.

COVID-19 Acute Care Appointments

Whether you’re looking to more actively prevent COVID-19, or if you’ve already had it or currently have it, and want immune support to enhance your recovery, you can schedule an appointment with one of our providers.

COVID-19 Vibrant ImmuneCheck Test

Vibrant’s COVID-19 panel is a highly sensitive and accurate serum assay for viral antibodies. This test was developed and validated according to FDA EUA requirements. At 97% sensitive and 99% specific, it has the highest accuracy available of 12 biomarkers.

IV Nutrition Therapy

For protection and treatment, we recommend a custom supplement pack, called Viral Immune MedPax that we offer, in addition to our Viral Immune IVs. Our IV therapy delivers the nutrients your body needs directly to the bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract and getting right to work.

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