If you have diabetes, you may wonder what options are available beyond strict diets and more medications which is the right diabetes doctor in Johnson County KS for you. Diabetes affects over 30 million people and is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. These staggering statistics prove that the current medical model for treating diabetes is not working. People are not getting better, they are just adding on medication after medication.

High blood sugars can occur for a wide variety of different reason but at the root of every high blood sugar is inflammation. What is missing in the current diabetes treatment model is finding and correcting the underlying source of inflammation. Different sources of inflammation from person to person can call result in high blood sugars. This means your diabetes can be very very different than your neighbor’s diabetes.

Is This You?

If you have been to carbohydrate counting classes at your local hospital, continue to have your medications changed or increased, and need (or may need) insulin for Type 2 Diabetes, but still have high blood sugars, we want to help. Adding more medications and more insulin only depletes the body of necessary minerals, increases your body’s propensity to store fat, and puts you at risk for other diseases. More insulin leads to weight gain and weight gain increases blood sugars, so the cycle continues with you stuck in the middle feeling poorly and more frustrated with the lack of progress. This cycle is so far off course from you getting well and reversing diabetes. If this is you, you need us to be your diabetes doctor in Johnson County KS.

Do you feel like you are doing everything your doctor tells you including watching your carbohydrate intake, moving daily and taking your medications, but you do not lose weight and your blood sugars are still not at the recommended levels? You are not alone and it is not your fault. So many of the people that come to us for diabetes care are doing what they have been asked to do and it is truly not working. More of a wrong thing (medications and insulin) does not make it right. You need a different approach that goes wider and deeper than blood glucose levels.

We Have Real Solutions

We reverse diabetes by finding and treating the inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the driver behind your high blood sugar and although food changes are necessary, simply counting carbohydrates will not get you the solutions for which you are needing. Our solutions start with understanding your lifestyle and medical history to make sense of what factors are contributing to increased inflammation in your body. We then use lab data specific to you that uncovers more of the sources of inflammation, which also gives us a way to better track your progress than only blood glucose levels. Then we can then tailor natural and effective treatment options specific to you. When inflammation improves, blood sugar levels follow. Only looking at blood sugar levels and not using comprehensive inflammation markers as guide for diabetes management is putting you at high risk. Our solutions solve the inflammation, improve your diabetes markers, and decrease your overall disease risk, including heart disease, kidney disease, and other diabetes related risk factors. Get the care you deserve with the diabetes doctor in Johnson County KS who understands what is really causing your diabetes.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You went to the doctor for a check up, or something unrelated to diabetes and they determined you are borderline diabetic, or meet the criteria for diabetes. You are told to make an appointment with the dietitian, begin exercising, and start the prescribed oral medications. You go back 3 months later, and your labs are a little better, but you still have high blood sugars sometimes even when you do everything right. You are watching your carb intake, and taking your medications, but the doctor suggests another medicine be added, or an increase in dosage. In the mean time you are gaining weight, losing energy, and poking your finger to check blood sugar multiple times a day. You start to wonder, where does this end? How much more medication can I take? Will I keep feeling tired? Am I going to have complications like nerve pain, kidney failure, heart disease or blindness? You are even a little scared, because you are doing what you are asked, but it is not working well enough. We are here to tell you that we see the hard work people do to control diabetes and the frustration it causes when it doesn’t pay off.

We Take Diabetes Personally

Each presentation of diabetes is different and the conventional medical approach considers them all the same. The same food plans, the same exercise recommendations, and the same mediation options for everyone. We are all different. We realize that you are a unique individual and what your body needs to have optimal blood sugar is personal to you. A collaborative approach between you and your functional medicine team can determine the real cause of the inflammation contributing to your high blood sugars and find solutions that fit YOUR needs.

Type 2 Diabetes is at the core, an inflammatory response. Underlying inflammation is often driving the high blood sugars and weight gain. That means you need a way of eating, moving and supporting your body that addresses inflammation and blood sugars based on the specifics of what your body is doing. More medication on top of an inflamed body simply won’t work.

There are Real Solutions… Not More Medications

There are almost always unintended consequences of medications and we don’t want you to experience that. There are effective nutritional supplements that not only help with blood sugars, but support your body in other ways too. Our team knows how to help you eat nourishing, satisfying foods that decrease inflammation. We know how to guide you in movement that is right for YOUR body. We are ecstatic when we can get it to where you no longer need medications and are thriving in a lifestyle that says goodbye to diabetes, finger pricks, and feeling tired and hungry all the time. We can’t wait for you have the health you need for the life you want!