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This is Blakely here, the dietitian at LifeWorks Integrative Health. I’m stating that so I can tell you my personal natural deodorant story. Perhaps an “overshare,” but people are so skeptical about homemade body products actually working, that it’s worth you knowing more about me than you wanted to if I can convince you to stop using deodorants with synthetic chemicals in them (namely aluminum and propylene glycol)

It’s simple. I’m a sweater. Since I was young I’ve always sweated a lot and with that comes well… you know… odor. I have used probably over 20 different types of deodorant always switching around even the regular deodorants. Then when switching to a natural alternative about 7 years ago, the search continued. I still have about 4 partially used sticks of natural deodorant that would fail by lunch.

Enter doTERRA essential oils.

The first time I ever had success with a natural deodorant was when I put essential oils on under it. That made me wonder, is the deodorant even doing anything…. turns out. No, using essential oils alone worked great for the odor. However, using only essential oils requires multiple applications throughout the day so it wasn’t all that convenient, however easier to carry around than a deodorant stick.

Then I decided to try my hand at making my own and it continues to work flawlessly.  The recipe below is what I’ve been using for quite a while with great results. It literally takes 5 minutes to do, lasts for months, and you’ve probably got it all in your kitchen already!

I mean, if you can cook with it you can put it in your pits. I recommend using essential oils with it because they are awesome at killing odor causing bacteria, and the smell nice, but not overpowering (deodorant is not perfume)

My favorite combo of essential oils is Cypress and Purify. It’s clean and fresh. If you need help getting the highest quality essential oils in your home, we can help with that too. Just contact us.

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