Does IV Nutrition Therapy Hurt?

IV Blog – Does IV Nutrition Therapy Hurt?

A very common question is, “Do IVs hurt?” We can confidently tell you that IV Nutrition Therapy does not hurt. The most painful part of getting an IV is really just getting the needle stuck into the vein, which for any of you that have had a blood draw that’s essentially what it feels like. It just feels like a simple pinch or a bee sting. Actually dripping the fluid in, actually pushing the particular IV in or nutrients in rarely cause any pain. If they do, you just need to let the nurse administering the IV know. Generally, all we need to do is just make an adjustment in how fast we’re pushing it in, or how fast we’re dripping it in.

Everybody’s just a little bit different on what they can tolerate, but those are factors that we’ll take into consideration.

If needles make you uneasy we do have some tricks to reduce the anxiety associated with needles, as well as tricks to help decrease the pinch associated with the needle stick. 

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