Functional Medicine Doctor in Kansas City

Functional Medicine Doctor in Kansas City

We Solve Problems That Others Can’t

Begin your functional medicine journey in Kansas City with in2GREAT Integrative Health. Our functional medicine doctors in Kansas City can help you discover the root cause of many complex health issues and tailor a specific solution that meets your unique needs. For over 20 years, our talented medical team has been using the functional medicine approach to help Kansas City residents find and enjoy better health. Discover more about how a functional medicine doctor in Kansas City can help you. 

Why Functional Medicine? 

Functional medicine through in2GREAT Integrative Health focuses on whole-person healthcare. We understand that the complex systems of the human body are tightly interwoven, thereby affecting each other when health problems occur. What causes a problem in one area can impact many other aspects of your health. 

Therefore, your functional medicine doctor in Kansas City at in2GREAT seeks to discover the root cause of your symptoms, instead of merely treating the symptoms to bring you temporary relief. At in2GREAT, the motivating question driving our approach to healthcare is “Why?” Why are these symptoms presenting now? And in this area? And for this timeframe? Why are they affecting this/these areas of the body? 

This investigative approach to healthcare is what sets functional medicine apart from more traditional approaches to medicine. For example, simple issues are easily remedied through a traditional medicine approach. A broken arm needs to be set to allow proper regrowth. The process in treating this issue is relatively straightforward. 

More complex health issues that do not have an immediately or easily discernible cause require more time and effort to understand, diagnose and treat effectively. Most chronic health issues people suffer today defy a set solution found in medical textbooks. They require an investigative effort that includes your physical, emotional and psychological condition, as well as environmental factors and your mindset. 

What Conditions Can Be Helped by a Functional Medicine Doctor in Kansas City? 

Because our functional medicine doctors at in2GREAT in Kansas City address all the components of each patient, we can diagnose and help to correct numerous chronic conditions that often defy the efforts of traditional medicine practitioners. The list of conditions we work with is exhaustive however, some of the conditions that we can help include: 

  • Allergies 
  • Autoimmune conditions 
  • Brain health
  • Heart health
  • GI health 
  • Heavy metal toxicity 
  • Hormone and endocrine imbalances 
  • Lupus 
  • Viral infections 
  • Chronic conditions like RA, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, CFS, arthritis, anxiety and depression 

These and other conditions often present differently in every patient, making it virtually impossible for traditional medicine practitioners to provide real solutions. Many of our patients, in fact, come to in2GREAT after becoming frustrated with traditional medicine doctors who have offered several different diagnoses but provided no relief. They were often told, “We cannot do anything else for you,” or even, “You do not have a significant health condition.” 

After countless hours of wasted time and untold expense, these dissatisfied patients sought a functional medicine doctor in Kansas City to try and find relief. Because we seek to discover the root cause of health issues and solve those problems, our team has been successful in helping numerous patients live their best life with optimized health. 

In2GREAT Integrative Health is Your Source for Functional Medicine Solutions 

In2GREAT Functional Medicine & Integrative Health is your premier source for root-cause based functional medicine. Our functional medicine doctors in Kansas City apply the foundational and unchanging principles of anatomy, biochemistry and physiology while continually asking why a disease is occurring. We formulate an individualized care plan to help each patient reach optimized health. Here is what you can expect from in2GREAT Integrative Health. 

Exhaustive Review of Your Health History 

Your consultation with an in2GREAT functional medicine doctor in Kansas City is nothing like what you have experienced in a traditional medical practice. Our practitioners spend whatever time is necessary to understand everything in your health history, regardless of its length or complexity. Our focus is on discovery and understanding first – these important facts are crucial and foundational to the investigative process. 

Every person will display a different paradigm of genetics, toxin exposure, previous health complications, triggers and more that makes them unique. This singular health journey has brought you to your current condition, and it provides the necessary clues we need to help formulate a workable plan for diagnosis and provide solutions to improve your health. 

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation 

Your complete health history and current complaints will drive the next step of your in2GREAT journey to better health. Our functional medicine doctors in Kansas City use this information to determine the appropriate medical tests to perform. We use the latest and most innovative laboratory testing to dig deeper into your symptoms and complaints. 

Some tests may reveal data that demands even further testing is needed. We will not rest until we have every piece of information we need to piece together the root cause or causes of your condition and how it must be addressed to provide you with relief and restore vitality. This comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is what allows us to formulate the best plan for guiding you to optimum health and a better life. 

Nutritional Support 

A vital part of guiding patients to optimal health is making sure our bodies get the nutrition necessary to function properly. The human body is capable of astounding healing on its own when it has the proper elements. Part of your diagnostic testing will reveal any deficiencies in important vitamins and nutrients. We can then provide nutritional support through supplements and IV nutrient infusions to bolster your levels of these building blocks for better health. 

Much of what we eat actually works against us by contributing to complex health problems instead of better health. By crafting a better diet plan and providing nutritional support to combat deficiencies, your functional medicine doctor in Kansas City can provide your body with the tools it needs to function properly and even heal itself in many areas. 

Meet with a Functional Medicine Doctor in Kansas City Today 

If you have been told there are no real solutions for your health problems or you’re beyond frustrated with your chronic health condition, schedule a consultation to meet with an in2GREAT functional medicine doctor in Kansas City to share your health issues and get to the root cause. Call 913-906-7787 or send a message online to schedule your initial consultation today. 

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