We Solve Problems That Others Can’t

Begin your functional medicine journey in Kansas City with in2GREAT Integrative Health. Our functional medicine doctors in Kansas City can help you discover the root cause of many complex health issues and tailor a specific solution that meets your unique needs. For over 20 years, our talented medical team has been using the functional medicine approach to help Kansas City residents find and enjoy better health. Discover more about how a functional medicine doctor in Kansas City can help you.

Why Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine through in2GREAT Integrative Health focuses on whole-person healthcare. We understand that the complex systems of the human body are tightly interwoven, thereby affecting each other when health problems occur. What causes a problem in one area can impact many other aspects of your health.

Therefore, your functional medicine doctor in Kansas City at in2GREAT seeks to discover the root cause of your symptoms, instead of merely treating the symptoms to bring you temporary relief. At in2GREAT, the motivating question driving our approach to healthcare is “Why?” Why are these symptoms presenting now? And in this area? And for this timeframe? Why are they affecting this/these areas of the body?

This investigative approach to healthcare is what sets functional medicine apart from more traditional approaches to medicine. For example, simple issues are easily remedied through a traditional medicine approach. A broken arm needs to be set to allow proper regrowth. The process in treating this issue is relatively straightforward.

More complex health issues that do not have an immediately or easily discernible cause require more time and effort to understand, diagnose and treat effectively. Most chronic health issues people suffer today defy a set solution found in medical textbooks. They require an investigative effort that includes your physical, emotional and psychological condition, as well as environmental factors and your mindset.