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in2GREAT Integrative Health is your functional medicine specialist in Overland Park KS. We have been solving health issues for almost 20 years using the root-cause medicine model. We aim to find the underlying cause of your health issue, correct the imbalances, and maintain it. This is how you feel great again. The fundamental question all great functional medicine doctors never stop asking is, “why?” By understanding WHY your health issue is occurring, there can be a clearer path towards HOW to heal.

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Are You Stuck?

If your health issues have you stuck feeling sick, tired, and hopeless, we are here. If you suffer from a chronic disease, unwanted side effects from medications, or are looking for the right team to help you avoid these, contact us now. Far too many people settle for feeling only marginally well, while they battle increasing costs of medications, side effects of medications, and begin to avoid activities they used to enjoy because of diminishing health. If this is you, we have great news… there is another way! Functional medicine operates from the principle of asking “why.” This causes us to dig deeper, and look further than simplified health histories, basic laboratory data, and fifteen minute appointments.

We take such joy in seeing people with a chronic disease find life, vitality and relief. For many people we see, they have not felt well in many many years and we are honored to part of changing that! Perhaps you do not have a chronic disease but you have a hunch you should be feeling better than you are.

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, contact your functional medicine doctor:

  • lack of energy
  • poor sleep
  • chronic pain
  • anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders
  • skin, digestive, and bowel issues

Or, perhaps you have faithfully followed up with your primary doctor regarding thyroid and/or hormone imbalances and are told your levels are normal, but you still do not feel well.

If you have been told your labs are normal but you experience any of the following symptoms, you need to consider a different path, call you functional medicine doctor:

  • hair loss
  • lack of energy
  • low libido
  • poor sleep
  • weight gain
  • irritability or low mood

Your path to better health is waiting. Contact the in2GREAT team now!


Where Conventional Medicine Fails

If you break a bone, have an emergency, or truly need surgical intervention, the current medical system is well designed for this. However if you want to correct underlying biochemical imbalances to prevent disease, correct disease, and optimize your health, the current medical system is not designed, or adequately trained to help you. Disease prevention is not stacking one medication on top of another or pursuing surgical intervention in a non-emergent situation, or as a first option.

Many of our patients have become tired of blindly relying on medications offered that did not actually solve the health issue, and in many cases, created new health issues. The current health system is based primarily on medication and surgical options with no real answers as to why you continue to suffer.

The current healthcare model fails by:

  • treating each body system separately instead of the whole person
  • matching symptoms to medications
  • limiting the relationship with your doctor based on billable codes
  • using insufficient laboratory data
  • chasing symptoms rather than resolving the health issue

Now, don’t get us wrong, we firmly believe there are brilliant, compassionate doctors throughout our medical system and we NEED THEM in an emergency, but your failing health is evidence that the current healthcare system is not setup to effectively resolve chronic disease, autoimmune disease, mental health issues, or chronic pain. It is setup to work best for surgery, broken bones, and acute emergencies.

This is why in2GREAT is here to provide exceptional functional medicine in Overland Park KS.

The current healthcare system limits your relationship with your doctor based on insurance company guidelines, not what is best for your health. This unintentionally creates a system of symptom management that rarely resolves the underlying issues causing your disease or discomfort.

Diseases such as ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety,  diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders or cardiovascular disease do not suddenly appear. They have a root cause that has been developing for years before you seek treatment. As a Functional Medicine Doctor, we specialize in finding and treating this root cause.


We Have Solutions

functional medicine doctorAt the core of how we develop solutions to your health issues is the question, “why.” If your symptoms are like the top of an iceberg rising above the surface, we are the deep sea divers who go down to investigate the parts of the iceberg under the surface. Functional medicine takes the issues on the surface and uses them as indicators for what is happening under the surface. If the issues under the surface are not addressed, you will not experience long term health, vibrancy and the resolution of disease.

To correct underlying biochemistry contributing to or causing your health issues (the under the surface stuff), we use a variety tools available to us because solving health issues that have been around for years can be complex. Restoring health back to a strong foundation is like building a house. A variety of tools and materials are needed along with a contractor who knows how to use them best.  We are like your contractor who knows what building materials are needed for your great health. The treatment options available to you are the tools used to get you well.

Now, you might be wondering, what does that actually look like to work with your team? Here’s what we do:

  • Understand your whole health story
  • Obtain comprehensive laboratory data specific to your body
  • Use decades of clinical experience resulting in thousands of patients regaining health
  • Utilize science-based integrative therapies, diet modifications, and lifestyle interventions
  • Individualize care plans unique to only you
  • Give you ongoing support in your health transformation
  • Get to the root cause of your health care concern or disease process

Working with in2GREAT Integrative health will give you more insight and understanding into your current health situation and how you got to where you are than you have likely every experienced. As functional medicine doctors, We are here to offer our expertise, experience, compassion and motivation to empower you to get the health you need for the life you want. Join our team today. Don’t wait to start getting better with the right functional medicine team in Overland Park KS.


There is no better time to take back your health. Call our Overland Park office to schedule your Functional Medicine initial consultation today!


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