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What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is a process of improving the way your body and organs function.

It does this by addressing one of the most common causes of chronic health problems—our daily food choices—through a focus on bio-individual nutrition optimization.

How it Works

The goal of Functional Nutrition is to bring the body into balance through a focus on Six Foundations of Health: 

  1. A properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet
  2. Digestion
  3. Blood sugar balance
  4. Fatty acid balance
  5. Mineral balance
  6. Hydration

When these foundations of health are out of balance, it can cause a variety of health consequences, which can be expressed by the body as vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, adrenal and HPA axis dysfunction, inflammation, and immune system dysfunction.

By supporting these foundational components of health through diet (and lifestyle modification) you balance out the body’s systems. As a result, the symptoms you may be experiencing due to underlying health issues typically begin to heal on their own.

Functional Nutrition includes a number of different activities, some of which you might encounter with working with a dietitian, such as discussing your diet, developing a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid, or creating personalized recipes and meal plans.

There are also some techniques that are unique to the Functional Nutrition approach. To determine your imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, we use a series of consultations and a comprehensive intake questionnaire to identify your unique, bio-individual needs.

What we'll do together:

A selection of various whole foods for healthy, functional nutrition: meat, fish, legumes, nuts, seeds, greens, vegetables, and fruit

Food List
What to eat more of, what to eat less of, what not to eat.

Couple in the kitchen meal prepping

Meal Plan
Instructions for activating your new way of eating.

Woman pouring green vitamin supplements from a jar

Supplement Recommendations
Fill the gaps that aren’t easily addressed with food.

Young mother with her son at the supermarket shop for fruits and vegetables

Supermarket Strategy
What to look for & avoid and how to read ingredient labels

Pantry Revamp
Personalized advice on what to keep, ditch, and buy

Immune system best ways

Cooking Tutorial
Tips and tricks for easy meals with your goals in mind

A young man sits cross-legged, meditating in a chair at home

Stress Reduction Techniques
Learn to soothe your gut by calming your nerves.

An active senior couple jog in the park

Movement & Sleep Habits
Learn how to nourish your body with exercise and sleep.

A young woman scans the QR code on a mouthwash bottle using her smartphone

Environmental Toxin Tips
Learn about personal care & home products that could be affecting your health.

We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach for our Functional Nutrition clients. The activities we do together and the plan we develop will be unique to you. So think of the items above as examples—and not as a definitive list of what we will do together. Learn more about our approach.

What to expect from the process:

Through the activities above, Functional Nutrition will help you:

  1. Learn what a truly healthy diet looks like for you
  2. Identify and eliminate food sensitivities
  3. Focus on proper digestion
  4. Manage blood sugar dysregulation
  5. Support your endocrine functions and adrenal health
  6. Work to rid your body of exposure to harmful chemicals

Functional Nutrition can help with:

Digestive distress

Gut microbiome imbalances 



Nutrient Optimization

Stress response

Energy levels

Preventing dysfunction & disease

Autoimmune diseases

Chronic pain & inflammation

Metabolic syndrome


Cardiovascular complications

Brain & cognitive health

Get Started with Functional Nutrition

Take your personal nutrition and wellness to the next level. Optimize your well-being and improve your energy, digestion, mood, hormones, and more.

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Our TotalNutrition Plan

This three-month program provides you with:

  • 3 planning appointments
  • 3 follow-up appointments
  • 1 education session

During your planning appointments, we’ll focus on gathering information that will be used in establishing personalized goals just for you. These sessions include an in-depth discussion of your current health struggles, a review of your food and mood journals, and a functional clinical physical assessment.

In your follow-up appointments, we will focus on tracking your progress, identifying wins, helping you overcome challenges, and establishing new goals.

Additional perks:

  • Direct email access to your Functional Nutritionist
  • Affiliate & partner discounts
  • 15% discount on IV services, labs, supplements, & more

3-month program for $950

Curious about our other services? View all of our get Started plans.

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Our Approach to Functional Nutrition

Still have questions about Functional Nutrition? Read through the FAQs to learn more about why our approach is different, the FNTP certification, and how Functional Nutrition relates to Functional Medicine.

What makes your approach unique?

It’s all about supporting the body’s own healing processes.

Our bodies have an incredible ability to tolerate nutrient deficiencies—a useful evolutionary trait when foods were scarce. However, prolonged deficiencies can lead to health dysfunction, dysregulation, and disease.

Fortunately, when those missing nutrients (or nutrient imbalances) are corrected, the body is very capable of healing itself. So by focusing on providing the right nutrients for your body’s unique, bio-individual needs, we support the body in healing itself. 

Many other diet and nutrition modalities focus on applying a diet or limiting/adding foods that are known to help with a certain condition, like putting people with diabetes on a low carbohydrate diet. This approach works through similar mechanisms to the FNTP “heal thyself” approach. However, it’s typically less individualized. Predefined diets are often recommended based on a diagnosed condition or disease, rather having a unique eating and nutrition plan that is developed based on your specific nutritional needs.

What is an FNTP?

An FNTP, or Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, is a nutrition counselor.

A Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) is certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, which blends holistic, ancestral nutrition with a functional medicine-like mindset. FNTPs aim to help people support their health holistically with individualized nutrition and foundational health.

FNTPs are trained to address and assess issues like blood sugar regulation and digestive health, as well as optimizing nutrition through a customized nutrient dense diet. Like Functional Medicine, FNTPs takes a root-cause approach to health dysfunction, rather than just addressing the symptoms.

A FNTP is not a board certified nutritionist, and are not currently licensed in any state. FNTPs cannot diagnose or treat disease or give medical advice, but what they can do is offer support that enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.

Learn more about the difference between an FNTP, a Registered Dietitian, and a Nutritionist.

What's a Functional Clinical Assessment?

The Functional Clinical Assessment is one of the most unique aspects of Functional Nutrition.

A core component of what an FNTP does, the Functional Clinical Assessment is a process that allows your FNTP to identify any organ systems in your body that may be under stress. With this information your FNTP can create a plan for supporting those systems.

To perform the Functional Clinical Assessment, your FNTP will palpate (in other words, examine by touching) a series of points on your body that correlate with specific organs and systems. When an organ system becomes stressed, blood and/or lymph is directed to the system to help the body support it with additional nutrients. As blood and lymph collect in an organ system they take up extra space, which can be identified as tenderness in the body. So, by identifying these areas of tenderness, your FNTP is able to identify the corresponding organ systems that are stressed and in need of nutritional support.

With this information, your FNTP can work with you to develop an eating plan (which may also include supplementation and/or lifestyle modifications) that will provide your body with the appropriate nutritional support your stressed systems need. With this nutritional support, your body will be better able to heal itself.

How does Functional Nutrition relate to Functional Medicine?

Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine work hand-in-hand.

Total wellness requires you to fix issues with your diet and lifestyle, optimizing your nutrient intake. Functional Nutrition will help you to do this. While the Functional Clinical Assessment performed by your FNTP can provide some insights into nutrient deficiencies, the in-depth lab tests performed by our Functional Medicine providers give a more robust assessment of your biological state. 

Through lab testing and analysis, our Functional Medicine practitioners can look at hormone levels (for things like testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, etc), blood sugar, neurotransmitters, gut microbiota, and more.

Using this lab data, our Functional Medicine practitioners can develop a more precise supplementation program, identify when IV therapy may be beneficial, and also work with our medical director or your PCP to provide prescription medications.

There are also benefits of working with an FNTP for our clients who start with Functional Medicine. The Functional Nutrition services we provide will build upon any diet or lifestyle recommendations you receive from your Functional Medicine practitioner—and most importantly they make it easy for you to implement them by developing food lists, meal plans, and nutritional education and coaching.

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