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Functional Medicine.

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Complex health issues require a comprehensive approach.

At in2GREAT Functional Medicine, we aim to find the underlying cause of your health issue, correct the imbalances, and help you maintain wellness so you can feel great again.

This comprehensive approach involves consultations with a Functional Medicine practitioner, laboratory testing, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional supplementation.

Through committed partnership, we work with you to help you feel your very best.

Our Getting Started Plan

medical history

Individualized Care Plan Development

To create your care plan, you’ll have two one-on-one meetings with your Functional Medicine practitioner.

In your initial 2-hour appointment, we will work with you to create your unique in-depth health profile, which includes a comprehensive review of your medical history, prior lab results, environmental factors, as well as current lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise.

In your 90-minute follow-up appointment, we will review your lab results, answer any questions, and discuss your individualized care plan which may include (but isn’t limited to) protocol for what and how you eat, lifestyle habits, nutritional supplements, exercise, environmental changes, or IV nutrition therapy.



Diagnostic Evaluation & Supplement Recommendations

Your Functional Medicine practitioner will evaluate your health profile and outline a course of initial comprehensive laboratory tests, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations specific to your individual case.

Lab testing is crucial for understanding and identifying critical health markers. Pricing for initial lab testing varies from patient to patient, but can cost on-average between $500 and $3,500. Once labwork is complete, your health profile and labwork data is used to create a care plan tailored to your bio-individual needs. All care plans are thoroughly reviewed by our Functional Medicine team.

Nutritional supplements are important for making sure you get the necessary nutrients often lacking in today’s foods. Tailored supplementation and/or nutritional IV therapy protocol will be recommended based on your labwork results.

Cost Varies ($500 – $4,000 on average)

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A Transformative Health Investment

This price estimate includes your initial consultation and follow-up appointment, initial labwork, and initial course of therapeutic recommendations.

Investing in your health is more important now than ever. At in2GREAT, our expert staff is here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals with an efficient, science-based process focused on real results.

Plan Total: $1,500 to $5,000 (on average)

Ready to get started?

There is never a better time than right now to focus on your health & wellness. 

Lyndsie Coon

“I started seeing Dr. Corey Priest for Functional Medicine right after a devastating diagnosis of Chron's Disease. I can say he went way beyond my expectations of quality care. After only 4 months of his treatment I was symptom free—from a diagnosis that's supposed to be incurable. I almost couldn't believe it. If I had gone the route traditional medicine offered, I would have been on prescription medication for life. I highly recommend Dr. Priest to anyone in and around the Kansas City area seeking answers about long-standing health problems, no matter how serious or chronic they are, he can help.”

Lyndsie, in2GREAT patient

Functional Nutrition

Take your personal nutrition and wellness to the next level. Optimize your well-being and improve your energy, digestion, mood, hormones, and more.

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Get Started with TotalNutrition

This three-month program provides you with:

  • 3 planning appointments
  • 3 follow-up appointments
  • 1 education session

During your planning appointments, we’ll focus on gathering information that will be used in establishing personalized goals just for you. These sessions include an in-depth discussion of your current health struggles, a review of your food and mood journals, and a functional clinical physical assessment.

In your follow-up appointments, we will focus on tracking your progress, identifying wins, helping you overcome challenges, and establishing new goals.

Additional perks:

  • Direct email access to your Functional Nutritionist
  • Affiliate & partner discounts
  • 15% discount on IV services, labs, supplements, & more

3-month program for $950

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Save 50% off your FunctionalNutrition plan

For a limited time: 

We are offering a 50% discount on our 3-month TotalNutrition plan. ​That’s 3 months of personalized nutrition for only $475.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a 3-month plan, that’s okay! We are also offering 50% off the FunctionalNutrition initial consultation, which includes 3 appointments for only $250.

Offer ends December 31st, 2021.

TotalNutrition Education Sessions

Supermarket Strategy
What to look for & avoid and how to read ingredient labels

Pantry Revamp
Personalized advice on what to keep, ditch, and buy

Immune system best ways

Cooking Tutorial
Tips and tricks for easy meals with your goals in mind

Get it all with TotalCare

Enjoy the benefits of both Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition with our TotalCare Plans. TotalCare is a 6-month subscription that gives you peace of mind through comprehensive care at our best prices.

TotalCare Silver
Great Value $325/mo

3 Functional Medicine practitioner appointments
1 Functional Nutrition appointment
$195/mo per person to add family members
15% discount on IV therapy, intra-office services, labs, supplements, & more

TotalCare Gold
Most Supportive Care $575/mo

6 Functional Medicine practitioner appointments
3 Functional Nutrition appointments
$375/mo per person to add family members
15% discount on IV therapy, intra-office services, labs, supplements, & more

TotalCare plans also include:

  • Personalized protocol development
  • Direct email access to your practitioner
  • Ongoing comprehensive condition research
  • On-staff Medical Director
  • Letters of medical necessity at no additional charge
  • One acute care appointment per month for you or an immediate family member
  • $100/mo IV therapy credit
  • Affiliate & partner discounts
  • 40% discount on all additional appointments

Want all the details on our health plans?

Common questions, answered.

Are lab work and supplements required?

The short answer is, no. However…

Lab testing and supplements are almost always needed in order to fully assess and address underlying root causes of your health concerns.

Lab testing is an important first step so we can get a clear understanding of your current health. We use your lab results to define the roadmap of our next steps and identify any imbalances or dysfunction caused by your illness or condition. It is always best to test, not guess at your treatment approaches.

Supplements are needed to fill in the gaps where there are nutritional deficiencies in our diets, genetic hiccups, and where more aggressive therapeutic approaches are required to balance out your physiology—in some instances, more than dietary approaches can accomplish. The truth is, in this day and age the food we eat is not as nutrient-dense as it once was for numerous reasons. Much of this has to do with conventional farming practices. As a society, we are generally overfed but undernourished. This leads to GI conditions, decreasing our ability to absorb the nutrients we eat. Supplementation is more of a necessity now than it has ever been. The good news is, now more than ever before, we are able to identify exactly what you need based on your lab results and really hone in on supplementation.

Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time.

At in2GREAT, we feel it’s important for you to have control over your health and the decisions you make about your care, rather than have your well-being dictated by what insurance companies allow or don’t allow.

Because of this and the services we provide, we are considered out-of-network with all insurance companies. Some insurance carriers may cover some laboratory tests performed at in2GREAT. We can provide a detailed receipt with coding for lab services performed for you to submit to your insurance carrier directly.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We have partnered with Advance Care to bring you convenient financing options.

Advance Care is the quickest and easiest way to pay for health services not covered by your insurance. To learn more and apply for financing, visit

When it comes to value, our TotalCare plans provide the greatest cost-savings, so you can meet your healthcare needs at in2GREAT without breaking the bank.

Can I start with a TotalCare plan instead of the Getting Started Plan?

We require all new patients to begin with our Getting Started Plan in order to establish care.

A Functional Medicine approach cannot be done right without the initial consultation process. In the Getting Started phase, your Functional Medicine practitioner will take a look at your whole life—your genetics, early influences, environment, diet, lifestyle, habits, travel, relationships, beliefs and more—and how those influences are layered and woven to create that thing called disease or illness. Identifying the original causes and their downstream effects is the essential task to achieve optimal health. The Getting Started phase is imperative to assist your practitioner in identifying where to start and gain direction in your healing path. This will also assist in determining which TotalCare program may be most advantageous to you as well.

Do you offer a la carte appointments and services?

We do!

While we have worked hard to take many scenarios into account when developing the TotalCare plans, we keep a la carte options available because we understand life and circumstances sometimes get in our way. If you are not ready or able to make the commitment of a six-month TotalCare Membership, we do have a la carte pricing available for all services. All of these fees are due in full at the time of service at full price.

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