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Toxic plastics in water bottles

Reducing our toxic load

A recent study reports bottled water can contain alarmingly high levels of plastic nanoparticles. These particles contribute to our bodies toxic load leading to the dysfunction of body systems and the potential for disease developing. So what do we do to combat this?

Interpreting lab results

Self-interpreting your lab results

We always applaud patients doing their own research. But trying to interpret your labs yourself, or with the help of another medical provider, depending on the source of that information, can sometimes be confusing, inaccurate, and just down right stressful when it actually isn’t and shouldn’t be.

The root cause of cancer increasing

5 root causes behind a perceived increase in cancer cases

Are we getting more calls about cancer? Yes. Are we helping more patients with cancer? Yes. Are other practices like ours helping more patients? Yes. So what is going on? Are more people getting cancer beyond typical case growth?

Addressing chronic disease with functional nutrition

10 tips for healthy aging with functional medicine

One of the keys to aging well is correcting issues and dysfunctions in our bodies before they become bigger issues later in life. Healthy living is healthy aging. In this article we present 10 tips for a longer and healthier life.

Prostate Cancer RGCC CTC Test Kansas City

A functional medicine approach to prostate health

Eli Priest talks about our approach to supporting men’s prostate health – incl. lab panels we look at, symptoms of problems, cancer screening, things men can do on their own, cancer approach, and treatment protocols.

How healthy are your dimensions of wellness?

Prioritizing self-care, stress management, and healthy routines

We should be making our wellness a priority every month! But unfortunately, it’s so easy to get sidetracked with the hecticness of what’s going on around us, that our wellness often gets pushed to the side.

EBOO Therapy in Kansas City

What is EBOO Therapy?

We’re excited to announce we’ve added another therapy to our toolbox to help patients restore and maintain their health. Starting in July 2023, patients will be able to receive the highly sought after and hard to find therapy.

Testing & treating MSIDS/Lyme Disease with an individualized & integrative approach

Testing & treating MSIDS/Lyme disease

We sat down with Dr. Corey Priest to talk about MSIDS/Lyme disease and co-infections – the challenges, treatment, and his own experience.

what is regenerative medicine?

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine harnesses the body’s natural healing process by applying engineering and life science principles to promote the regeneration of tissues and organs compromised by aging, damage, defect, or disease.

IV Therapy room at in2GREAT

Being proactive about keeping your heart healthy

7 ways we help keep your heart healthy – from therapies, to testing, and supplements – supporting patients’ ability to be proactive about preventing heart health issues.

Genetic testing with functional medicine

Genetic Testing Combined with Functional Medicine

How we use it in functional medicine Your genetics are NOT your destiny, but they can give you the opportunity to take back control of your health and lead you toward a path of wellness and longevity. Here at in2GREAT,…

No to the flu shot, from a functional medicine perspective

Should You Skip the Flu Shot? A Functional Medicine Perspective

Whether it’s TV, radio, or from friends and family, everyone has probably heard ‘It’s time to get your flu shot. But maybe you’re unsure and debating if you should skip the flu shot this year. We want to share our…

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