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Testing & treating MSIDS/Lyme Disease with an individualized & integrative approach

Testing & treating MSIDS/Lyme disease

We sat down with Dr. Corey Priest to talk about MSIDS/Lyme disease and co-infections – the challenges, treatment, and his own experience.

what is regenerative medicine?

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine harnesses the body’s natural healing process by applying engineering and life science principles to promote the regeneration of tissues and organs compromised by aging, damage, defect, or disease.

IV Therapy room at in2GREAT

Being proactive about keeping your heart healthy

7 ways we help keep your heart healthy – from therapies, to testing, and supplements – supporting patients’ ability to be proactive about preventing heart health issues.

Genetic testing with functional medicine

Genetic Testing Combined with Functional Medicine

How we use it in functional medicine Your genetics are NOT your destiny, but they can give you the opportunity to take back control of your health and lead you toward a path of wellness and longevity. Here at in2GREAT,…

No to the flu shot, from a functional medicine perspective

Should You Skip the Flu Shot? A Functional Medicine Perspective

Whether it’s TV, radio, or from friends and family, everyone has probably heard ‘It’s time to get your flu shot. But maybe you’re unsure and debating if you should skip the flu shot this year. We want to share our…

Prevent stomach cancer naturally

How to Prevent Stomach Cancer Naturally: 5 Steps to Take Today

Over 26,000 new cases of stomach cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year. Unfortunately, many people rely solely on conventional medicine to address their cancer…once they are already diagnosed. But what if you knew how to prevent stomach…

Process of adding therapies to our functional medicine practice

What happens before making a therapy available to patients

Since we’ve added a lot of new therapies this year, we wanted to share with you our process. We’re determined to make a meaningful impact on as many lives as possible. To achieve that, it requires us to be committed…

So good for you!

Offal – Nutrient Powerhouse

Offal, or organ meats, have been part of the human diet for thousands of years and unfortunately have made their way out of most of our diets. Eating offals supports two ancestral ideas of eating: nose-to-tail and like-support-like. As a…

Dr Scott Roethle, MD

Meet Dr. Scott Roethle, MD

Though Dr. Scott Roethle, MD has been with in2GREAT since 2017, it wasn’t until 2021 that he became a full-time part of our care team. So we realize, many of our patients may not know who he is. Dr. Roethle…

Your heart in heat

Heat and Your Heart

Hot, sticky humid days are uncomfortable for almost everyone. But when it comes to people with cardiovascular trouble, it can become not only uncomfortable, but also extremely dangerous. Understanding how your heart is affected in the heat is crucial and…

in2GREAT's new office space in Overland Park

New Office, More Health Benefits

Exciting things are happening at in2GREAT – we moved! We sat down with our Dr. Corey Priest to talk about what our new location means for our patients when it comes to new and current service offerings.  What inspired your…

The importance of staying hydrated

Being Healthy Means Being Hydrated

Drinking fluids is a crucial part of making sure our bodies are working the way they’re supposed to. Think of a car that runs out of gas. Without the gas, the car has no fuel to continue moving. Our bodies…

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