An important part of our mission, is to cultivate a community who understands what optimal health and wellness feels like and what it takes to achieve; is empowered to continue to grow on their own, educate and help others; and demands true ownership of their health – sparking a major shift in the way health and wellness is approach by leaders, businesses, and other medical professionals.

We understand the different societal challenges that can present itself to those of us who choose to go against the grain of conventional medicine, the type of healthcare options upsettingly dictated by insurance companies, and what people have been led to believe are acceptable medical and procedural norms. So it’s extremely important to us to do everything in our ability and power to make the journey with us easier.

There are various community-like mechanisms already in place here that you’ll find supportive and enjoyable – from the treatments being done in our therapy room, to our group programs. But we want you to know, we’re working hard on building more. Keep an eye out, and make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list to receive updates, for an established network of wellness partners we recommend to complement our approach to healthy living, a private digital community safe from the frustrations of current social media, and a lot more!

A new healthcare experience