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Hormonal Balance | Are you looking for a natural remedy to balance your hormones? If so, adaptogens may be exactly what you need. You may have heard the term adaptogens in the health world for some time now. Adaptogens are a group of medicinal herbs and plants that have been used for thousands of years around the world. Adaptogens are used to help the body resist or adapt to stressors of all kind, including chemical, biological, and physical. These healing plants are especially helpful for supporting the adrenal system and balancing your body’s hormones. These plants are more than just the newest health buzzword, here’s what you need to know. 

What are adaptogens?

The non-toxic adaptogenic plants have been used for centuries by the Chinese and Ayurvedic. Each plant has the ability to help the body deal with stress and can either be eaten whole, taken as a supplement, or brewed as a tea. Adaptogens can do more than just calm your nerves. These plants have the ability to fight inflammation, tweak hormone production and physiological responses to stress in order to ensure that your body is functioning well.  

Despite its recent revival in the wellness world, these plants have actually been used for centuries all over the world. The amount of scientific literature is still growing on the exact health effects that adaptogens may have, however the research is promising. There are numerous individuals who have testified of the hormonal balancing effects as well as its ability to help the body handle stressors. Research continues to grow on the health benefits of these healing plants. 

What are the best adaptogenic herbs should you be taking?

Before you run to your nearest health food store, remember that each adaptogenic plant has a slightly different function. This means, that the best one for you depends on your individual ailments. The following is a list of adaptogenic plants that are best for stress relief and hormonal balance along with the health benefits associated with them.

    • Ashwagandha: Means “horse-smell” in Sanskrit. Due to its strong taste, many individuals prefer taking it as a supplement or extract. This adaptogenic plant has been shown to calm the mind, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and enhance thyroid function. Ashwagandha is very useful for combating long term stress, as it helps the body cope by boosting adrenal function. 
    • Asian ginseng: Helps to reduce chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. It has also shown to have neuroprotective effects as well as the ability to reduce inflammation.
    • Rhodiola: Best used for acute stress. This root is often used to help improve energy, physical performance, and memory. 
    • Eleuthero: This herb has shown to help with stress management, by acting as a stimulant to boost energy levels. Other benefits from this herb include enhanced brain function including improved concentration.

The use of adaptogens not only has specific health benefits, but they have also shown to improve quality of life. These herbs can be a great way to help find hormonal balance, and maintain your health. If you are battling with a hormonal imbalance and would like to learn more about the use of adaptogens, consider a consult with a doctor of natural medicine Overland Park, KS, who can assist you. As a specialist in functional medicine, the best treatment plan will be created to help improve your overall health.

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