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How to Find a Functional Medicine Doctor in Kansas City

Whole person healthcare can bring vibrancy and energy to your life. This is the goal of functional medicine. If you are tired of wasting time at different doctor’s offices without getting a solid diagnosis or real relief, perhaps it’s time to try a functional medicine approach to your health issues. But how do you find a functional medicine doctor in Kansas City?

Principles of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine looks beyond the symptoms and seeks to understand the root cause of chronic health conditions. At in2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health, we never stop asking why a disease or condition is occurring. Our functional medicine practitioners apply the foundational principles of anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology to discover the causes and most effective solutions for chronic diseases.

Your in2GREAT functional medicine doctor in Kansas City will begin by creating your own unique, in-depth health profile, which includes reviewing your medical history and lab testing. He or she will then listen to your concerns and health struggles before beginning any testing. What you share will form an important foundation for where we will begin.

Through scientific testing and diagnostic efforts, we will make a diagnosis and pursue a plan to help you find a solution. This can include nutritional guidance, IV nutrition therapy, changing environmental and lifestyle factors, exercise, and more. Functional medicine is about doing what works to solve persistent and troublesome health issues.

Your Experienced Functional Medicine Doctor in Kansas City

While functional medicine has only recently become well-known or popular, in2GREAT has been practicing functional medicine for over 20 years. We have helped numerous patients with chronic diseases find relief and hope when traditional medicine practitioners had given up on them. Your experienced functional medicine doctor in Kansas City from in2GREAT will never give up on you.

Don’t be fooled by newer medical clinics that use functional medicine in their name to draw a new breed of clients. In2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health is your functional medicine doctor in Kansas City that will help you craft a healthcare plan that brings relief and a better life, even when others have given up. Call us today at

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