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How is Holistic Medicine Different from Traditional Medicine?

Terms like traditional medicine, functional medicine, and holistic medicine can be confusing. How is holistic medicine different from traditional medicine? And when do I need Integrative Medicine Doctors in Overland Park KS

What is Traditional Medicine? 

Traditional medicine, also called Western, conventional medicine, or allopathic medicine refers to approaches to healing based on science about the human body. By evaluating the body and its symptoms/illnesses/conditions, medical treatments are formulated biophysically or biochemically. It is relatively simplistic or linear in its approach, kind of like “If A happens, proceed to B.” 

Traditional medicine looks at what has historically been effective for larger populations and leans toward prescribing cookie-cutter solutions that fit this data. This methodology has worked and continues to work for numerous medical issues, especially those where the injury or illness is relatively obvious, and treatments are not complex. 

What is Holistic Medicine? 

At in2GREAT, we follow a holistic approach to medicine. Although we are physical beings, other concerns beyond our bodies affect our physical, mental, chemical and spiritual wellness. Our personal health, or complete wellness, is the combined result from our whole person. 

A holistic approach to medicine seeks to treat the whole person, and not just the physical symptoms of illness. It addresses key factors that may be affecting body, mind, and spirit. Your in2GREAT integrative medicine doctors in Overland Park KS, seek to discover the underlying cause or causes of your health issues, correct what is out of balance, and maintain healthy practices that affect the entire person to facilitate overall wellness. 

Integrative Medicine Doctors in Overland Park KS 

The In2GREAT functional and integrative medicine doctors in Overland Park KS, follow this holistic approach to medicine in order to diagnose and treat your underlying conditions that are producing debilitating, complex, and often long-term symptoms. Traditional medicine all too often fails in this area, resulting in a steadily declining health condition with no solutions and mounting frustration. 

If you or a loved one are tired of feeling bad and getting no real answers or help, call or send us a message online. Begin your journey toward better long-term health today.

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