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Integrative Medicine Kansas City | Why are People Turning to Holistic Health More These Days?

There is an increasing awareness and need for integrative medicine in Kansas City and surrounding areas. Traditional healthcare approaches have served the population for decades, but a rising number of people who suffer from complex chronic illnesses are discovering a better way to greater health. That better way is embodied in holistic health.

Holistic health is another term for integrative medicine. Kansas City residents, and those in outlying areas, are turning frequently to these new, innovative and more comprehensive root-cause medical approaches for many reasons. The following are only a few of the main contributing factors. 

Physician Availability 

Traditional medicine physicians are limited by insurance guidelines and dictums that prevent them from spending the necessary time to treat complex issues effectively. In order to see as many patients as possible and prescribe set-piece treatments, they must funnel patients through the pipeline quickly. 

This is far different from integrative medicine. Kansas City functional medicine physicians take the time to listen to and understand your unique story. Patient-centered care and a tailored approach to treatment that utilizes a variety of traditional and integrated medical protocols takes time. Functional medicine doctors are available for as long as it takes to seek out and determine the root source of your complex health issues. 

Patient Dissatisfaction 

Many patients seek a solution from integrative medicine in Kansas City because of simple dissatisfaction. They are sick and tired of continually being sick and tired, and being told nothing is wrong. In most cases, traditional medicine is stumped because the standard battery of tests all show “normal” results. Integrative medicine doctors seek for solutions to your symptoms by looking from the inside out vs looking from the outside in treating only the surface issues or symptoms.  We understand you know that something is not right with your own health. We listen to you, take you seriously, and work hard to discover what is causing your health concern. Only then can we design a unique treatment plan that can return you to your best health. 

Opioid Epidemic 

The current opioid epidemic in the United States is a direct result of traditional medicine’s shortcomings. If no solution can be found, prescribe something to lessen the pain, promote sleep, or otherwise keep the patient from bothering the doctor. Our society needs pills to sleep and more pills to wake up. There is a pill for everything. 

The only party that benefits is big pharmaceutical companies. Patients do not receive long-term solutions, only temporary fixes. Integrative medicine only uses pharmaceuticals when absolutely necessary, but prefers natural or other drug-free treatment options

This kind of quality integrated medicine in Kansas City can be found at In2GREAT Functional Medicine Clinic in Overland Park. Call or message us online today to schedule a consultation with our holistic medicine specialists. 

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