An integrative approach, rooted in functional medicine

We take an integrative approach to help you achieve and maintain greater health. Whatever your unique health needs, and wherever you are in the continuum of your life, all of our services are connected to each other; complementing one another to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re suffering from a chronic illness and haven’t yet found someone to help, or you feel great at this current moment and would like to better support your body’s needs and prevent disease and illness, we’re here to help!

Partnering with us, connects you with proven methods and all the tools needed to address and prevent disease, and maintain a healthier life.

Kansas City Integrative Care Team

Our new patient liaison will learn which path to start you on

All new patients and clients will start on either a functional medicine or functional nutrition path. Which one may be best for you will depend on your unique health needs. We begin to learn and discuss your needs during your initial conversation with a patient care liaison. You can read more about the five stages of your experience with us, here.


You have continued access to everything you need to get and stay healthy

Once you’ve decided to partner with us, and we’re working together on implementing your care plan, or supporting you in your efforts to remain healthy and prevent illness – our care team will work with you to provide the different services, listed below, as required by your health needs or requested by you.

Functional Medicine

This is the foundation of what our integrative practice was built on – a science-based, patient-driven, whole-self approach to addressing the underlying causes of disease.

Functional Nutrition

Taking a bio-individual approach to nutrition, we aim to restore true health and prevent disease with a uniquely personal-to-you, food-first approach to balancing your body.

Holistic Primary Care

Delivered through a functional medicine mindset, our primary care-type services complement the work you’re already doing with us, while also supporting other health needs.


Depending on your unique health needs, or even more simply to combat the world we are engaged in each and every day, we utilize different therapies to help your body function properly.

Lab Services

Our functional lab services help us gain a more accurate and comprehensive picture of your health – providing better direction, real validation, and deeper insight.

Ready to schedule your first appointment?
During it, our new patient liaison will begin to learn the best path for your unique health needs.