Know your status.

Now is a crucial time to get tested for the novel coronavirus in order to protect yourself and those around you. The Vibrant COVID-19 ImmuneCheck test has been carefully developed to test for the correct antibodies, and delivers test results in 72-96 hours.

Who should get tested:

This test is ideal for people who are not currently showing signs of illness (such as dry cough or fever), as well as people who have not been knowingly exposed to anyone known to have or suspected of having infection. The Vibrant COVID-19 ImmuneCheck test is especially important for people who are in high-impact groups such as:

COVID-19 High Risk Individuals

High-Risk Individuals

If you are aged 65 and older, have an autoimmune disease or other chronic health condition, are pregnant, or are otherwise at risk of increased complications in the event of a COVID-19 illness, this test is for you.

COVID-19 ImmuneCheck Essential Workers

Essential Workers

If you work in delivery and logistics, mass transit, food and agriculture, childcare, janitorial services, or a job that routinely exposes you to the general public, this test is for you.

COVID-19 ImmuneCheck Healthcare Providers & Caregivers

Healthcare Providers & Caregivers

If your job puts you in close contact either with high-risk individuals or sick individuals of unknown status, this test is for you.

Why Test COVID-19 Antibodies?

Antibodies have been found to be highly sensitive biomarkers in infectious disease diagnosis. Previous studies on SARS, MERS, and more recently the ones on SARS-CoV2 have shown IgM antibodies to appear about three days after infection and IgG antibodies appear after eight days.

Profiling an individual’s antibody response is the only way to determine infections with few or no symptoms.
Curious to learn more? In this video, Dr. Priest explains what antibodies are and provides in-depth information about how the test works.

Vibrant’s COVID-19 ImmuneCheck

Here’s what’s included:

This package includes the Vibrant ImmuneCheck test, a blood draw fee, and a 30 minute virtual consultation with Dr. Priest to discuss your test results and answer questions.

What Vibrant’s ImmuneCheck test offers:

Vibrant’s COVID-19 panel is a highly sensitive and accurate serum assay for viral antibodies. This test was developed and validated according to FDA EUA requirements. The independent review of this validation by the FDA is pending. This test does not require confirmation by CDC prior to reporting results. Vibrant’s COVID-19 ImmuneCheck looks specifically for IgM, IgA, and IgG antibodies against the spike proteins and 4 viral antigens of COVID-19 that will help assess your immunity against this novel coronavirus.

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COVID-19 ImmuneCheck

The process, explained.

Schedule your draw

Appointment times: Blood draw appointments can be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:30am and 1:00pm.

Contact us: Call our office to schedule your draw appointment: (913) 906-7787.

Plan ahead

Pre Screening: Pre-screening is required in order to conduct your visit. The following questions will be asked:

  • Have you had a temperature above 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit within the past week?
  • Have you had a cough within 48 hours?
  • Have you had shortness of breath or difficulty breathing within the past 48 hours?

Hydrate: Drink a few glasses of water before your appointment.

Eat: No fasting is required.

Be comfortable: Wear something cozy with a shirt sleeve that rolls up above your elbow.

After your appointment

Keep it clean: Blood draw site care is key. Keep your bandage on for 2-4 hours after your draw.

Next steps: Once we receive your test results, we’ll call you to schedule your virtual follow-up consultation with one our practitioners. At that time, we will review your results with you and recommend next steps for your health and wellness.

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