The path to great health starts with a functional medicine approach

Unfortunately, the conventional healthcare system isn’t designed around the needs of individual patients. It is symptom-focused, urgent-care-minded, and linear. If you have this symptom or that disease, you receive this treatment or that protocol.

Many of our patients have unsuccessfully gone through the standard medical system before they’ve found us. They’ve endured medications that were the “standard of care” for their condition – but that didn’t actually solve their health issues, let alone get to the root cause. As often as not, these medications created new health issues for our patients.

It’s very clear: The conventional medical approach doesn’t effectively prevent disease, nor does it use the proper strategy or tools to get to the root-cause of complex chronic conditions. And oftentimes the exact therapies used to treat the disease or symptoms have only complicated the case further and contributed to additional layers to resolve the root cause.

There is a better path to wellness. And we believe that path is functional medicine.

It’s a foundational approach to health and wellness, and the answer to gaining true ownership of your health, reversing chronic conditions, preventing disease, reaching and maintaining optimal health, and increasing your ability to live a longer and more fulfilling life.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine’s foundation is based on addressing the root cause of disease, while being patient-centered and individualized. This approach is perfectly suited for solving the epidemic of chronic disease plaguing our world. It’s also the best approach to prevent disease and maintain optimal health throughout your life. To read more about functional medicine and how it’s different from conventional medicine, click on the button below.

Our foundations of functional medicine

Functional Medicine Root-Cause
Discovering the root

Through a more thorough process than most, your first few appointments are focused on identifying the root cause of your health issue(s), taking a journey through your life to understand all that contributed to your current state of health and wellness. There are no shortcuts with this process. That’s what makes it so successful in reversing chronic disease. We are looking for your unique path to greater health. And this involves treating your whole self. By understanding why your health issue is occurring, there is a clearer path towards how to heal.

Health Partner
Working together

We’re not just telling you what to do, like conventional medicine often does. Partnering with us is a more intimate and collaborative process. There’s more ongoing engagement, longer appointments to answer questions and address concerns, and a more supportive community and network to assist you and rely on. For you to gain true ownership of your health, we have to first make it possible for you to take control of your health and wellness. That can only be done by us working together.

Personalizing your care

It starts by understanding no two people are the same. There may be similarities and patterns, but the sum of the parts, their whole self, is 100% unique to them. So why would any other practice do the exact same thing for the continuum of one’s health journey – starting with discovery, to testing, interpretation, implementation, and management. It makes absolutely no sense! That’s why your care with us is truly individualized. Not just one part, everything.

Supporting your journey
Supporting you in your journey

Once you’ve moved onto implementing your personal treatment or true health optimization plan, we’re still 100% invested in helping you reach your goals, continuing to provide direction and guidance whenever needed, and adjusting your plan as your health changes. Plus you have access to the most-effective therapies, purest supplements, and more comprehensive lab analysis. Achieving great health is a continuum. It’s something we all constantly need to work on. So wherever you are in your journey, we’ll be here to support you along the way.

I started seeing Dr. Corey Priest for Functional Medicine under a year ago right after a devastating diagnosis of Chron’s Disease. If you’re unfamiliar, that’s an incurable autoimmune condition which conventional medicine treats by shutting down the immune system with powerful drugs that likely include very bad side effects and other risks… Not only did he run advanced tests to get to the root of the issue – something the other doctor didn’t believe was necessary much less have access too – he also convinced me of the appropriate diet change, and prescribe supplements that protected and repaired my GI tract. Dr. Corey Priest supported me anytime I had a question or concern about my progress and assured me we were close to finding a solution. After only 4 months of his treatment I was symptom free – from a diagnosis that’s supposed to be incurable. I almost couldn’t believe it.

Lyndsie C.

What to expect

Get ready for a more supportive, empowering, and positive healthcare experience!

Working with Dr. Priest, our functional medicine practitioner

To get started, your first two appointments will cover 3-3.5 hours total with Dr. Priest.

During the first appointment, we’ll be discussing your health and wellness goals, your medical history, physical, mental and social factors, your environment, diet and eating patterns, and any other precipitating factors which may have impacted your health and wellness to this point.

During the second appointment, we’ll walk through every part of your lab results, provide detailed interpretation, and answer any questions you may have.

At the end of these two appointments, you will leave with a complete understanding of your current health, and a personal treatment plan or true health optimization plan completely unique to you.

Your first two appointments will cost a total of $1,000.

Implementing your plan and maintaining your health

Once you’ve started implementing your treatment/optimization plan, we’re 100% still here supporting you – still invested in helping you reach your goals, continuing to provide direction and guidance whenever needed, and adjusting your plan as your health changes. There will be follow up appointments, future lab work to monitor progress, and ongoing conversations throughout.

Once you’ve started implementing your plan, costs will vary, and can be provided a la carte or through our integrative membership.

If you’d like to read a more thorough explanation of the 5 stages of your experience with us, click here.

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