A food-first approach to great health

Many of the health problems we see today are the result of weakness in the body’s physiological foundations, which are a direct result of poor nutrition. When your body is out of balance, it can cause a variety of health consequences, which can be expressed by the body as vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, adrenal and HPA axis dysfunction, inflammation, and immune system dysfunction.

Food is the foundation to living a healthy life. Nutrient-dense, real food has the power to make a positive impact on one’s health. Where we source our food and how we prepare the foods we eat are equally as important as what we eat. Everyone’s nutritional needs are different – from dietary to lifestyle, sensitivity to preference.

Functional nutrition is a bio-individual approach to nutrition. With it, we aim to restore true health and prevent disease with a uniquely personal food-first approach to balancing your body.

What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition’s foundation is based on understanding one’s nutritional needs are 100% unique to him/her. What works for you, may not work for someone else. Food has the power to heal; and once we know what a person’s specific nutritive and health needs are, and we’re focusing on the body as an entire connected system, we’re able to balance the body and increase your ability to reach true health. To read more about functional nutrition, click on the button below.

Addressing chronic disease with functional nutrition

Addressing chronic disease

Once imbalances and nutritional deficiencies are discovered, and a properly prepared and nutrient-dense diet is established, depending on the chronic condition, we often find that your underlying health issues typically begin to heal on their own.

But if your chronic condition requires a more advanced functional medicine approach to reversing your illness, functional nutrition complements your personal treatment plan, because it provides the body the fuel it needs to get stronger and feel better, plus better absorb the supplements and any medications you’re taking.

take your health and wellness to the next level with functional nutrition

Taking your health and wellness to the next level

Great health is a continuum. We should all be constantly working on being healthy. And if you’re very active, proper nutrition is extremely important. Through functional nutrition, we gain a complete picture of your health and wellness, learn what your body needs to support your lifestyle, and we’re able to develop a true health optimization plan specifically unique to you.

Plus you’re keeping your body functioning properly, which results in a greater version of your whole self – giving you the best chances to prevent disease and illness.

Our foundations of functional nutrition

Personalized Care
Bio-individual approach

No two people are the same. There may be similarities and patterns, but the sum of the parts, one’s whole self, is 100% unique to him/her. Especially when it comes to one’s nutritive needs. That’s why we place a lot of importance on the first two stages of your experience with us: discovery and testing. These give us the information we need to tailor the activities we do together, and the nutritional recommendations for your personal health treatment or true health optimization plan more specifically to your needs.

Health and Wellness Education
Being educated and providing guidance

There is a vast amount of nutrition information available in books and on the web. It can be extremely overwhelming. Not to mention, without a complete picture of your health and wellness, it’s difficult to know what to do and not do. At in2GREAT we are committed to curating the information available, providing useful education and resources to the community as a whole and specific to your health needs, and empowering you, with education, to take true ownership of your health and wellness.

Reaching Health and Wellness Goals
Discovering your unique balance

The goal of Functional Nutrition is to bring the body into balance through a focus on six foundations of health: 1) A properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet; 2) Digestion; 3) Blood sugar; 4) Fatty acid; 5) Minerals; and 6) Hydration. The diet and lifestyle your body requires to bring these elements into balance, are specifically unique to you. Together we will find that balance.

Supporting your journey
Supporting you in your journey

Reaching your health and wellness goals is one thing. But maintaining that level, and being in great health is a continuum. It never ends. As we get older, our environment changes, or something unexpected happens, the nutritional requirements of our body change too. Being your health and wellness partner, our support extends beyond whatever we’re initially helping you with. We continue to be here for you, wherever you are along your journey to great health and wellness.

I came into in2GREAT fairly beat down after battling GI issues all of my life, and I had been given a possible diagnosis that basically said I would have no chance of getting better but would only get worse. Even with a surprise pregnancy in the mix, they were able to help regulate my stomach more than I had experienced pretty much my entire life, and with supplements and diet changes I’m in a much better place than doctors told me I could have ever been. I continue to get better instead of worse, test results continue to improve, and for the first time in my life, my stomach isn’t constantly on my mind anymore and it’s not controlling my life. I don’t know where I’d be without in2GREAT, and I’m glad I don’t have to know.

Emilee G.
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