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Helping you stay the course, with holistic primary care

Now that you’ve made the decision to partner with us in your health journey, it’s important we fully support your health needs with primary care-type services as well. In our experience, once you’ve started down the path to greater health through functional medicine and nutrition, going back to your conventional medicine practitioner is often confusing and likely contradicts the reason you’ve chosen to partner with us in the first place; slowing down your healing process and complicating your treatment or optimization plan. Simply put, there’s a consistent disconnect between our approach and theirs.

Why is that? From our root-based approach, to our patient-centered care. From our strict functional medicine lab ranges based on optimal physiology, to the supplements and therapies we recommend. From the process we take to develop your completely unique treatment or optimization plan, to the amount of time we spend with you in appointments. From our ability to look at you as an entire person with a complex set of interconnected systems all working in harmony and understanding where the imbalances are, to putting it all together in the simplest strategic approach possible.

Everything we do is very different from conventional medicine. And it’s all done with your unique needs in mind. Whether we’re helping you address and reverse a chronic condition, prevent illness and disease, or maintain a properly functioning body, it all requires a completely integrative approach, from each perspective of your health and wellness.

Dr. Scott Roethle, MD, has years of multidisciplinary medical experience, both conventional and functional. So for those times where you need an urgent non-emergency acute care appointment, physical exams, health screenings, or specialist referral, we have you covered with that too. It’s another facet of our commitment to being a true health and wellness partner; supporting you wherever you are in the continuum of your life.

Personalized Care
More personalized, patient-centered care
Functional Medicine Root-Cause
Functional medicine based approach
Ownership of health and wellness
Helping you maintain true ownership of your health and wellness
Better support for the other work you’re doing with us

Delivered through a functional medicine mindset

Our primary care-type services complement the work you’re already doing with us, while also supporting other health needs.

Our holistic primary care services can include:

  • Caring for acute illness
  • Disease management and prescription needs
  • Annual physical exams for men and women
  • Sports or work-related physicals
  • Lab evaluation and collaboration with the rest of your in2GREAT care team
  • Health screenings

What we’re doing here is different from conventional medicine. It’s science-based, it’s proven to be successful, and it’s much more individualized. But we recognize most people’s previous healthcare experiences are with conventional medicine. So if you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask!

Dr. Scott Roethle, MD

Ready to take true ownership of your health and wellness?

For those 12 and older, with no specific health issue to address, looking to replace your current primary care doctor with a functional medicine minded approach to your health and wellness.

What to expect

Get ready for a more supportive, empowering, and positive healthcare experience!

Step 1: Day 1 Appointment


  • Initial appointment with Dr. Scott Roethle, MD
  • Discussion of health history & goals
  • Physical exam personalized to your needs, with EKG
  • Prescription & nutritional deficiencies assessment

Step 2: Functional Lab Testing

  • Based on Day 1 appointment info, Dr. Roethle may recommend lab tests specific to your unique case

Step 3: Day 2 Appointment

  • Follow-up lab analysis appointment with Dr. Roethle


Day 1 & 2 Appts: $597

  • $150 initial deposit when scheduling. Remainder due after Day 1 appointment.

Lab Testing: Personalized for each patient

  • Provider lab recommendations are unique to each patient, so cost varies. On average, lab testing for Holistic Primary Care patients costs between $250-$1,500.

Supplements Plan: Personalized for each patient


Personalized Support


  • After your Day 2 appointment, continued personalized support is provided through a membership or pay-as-you-go
  • This includes primary care appointments, prescription management, annual physical, and additional membership benefits

Annual HPC Plan:

At the end of your 2nd appointment, you’ll be ready to start your Holistic Primary Care (HPC) plan or continue care with pay-as-you-go. This plan includes:

  • Primary care appointments at no additional cost
  • Prescription management
  • Direct email access + phone access during office hours
  • Annual physical exam, includes EKG
  • 1 Functional Nutrition strategy session
  • Lab draw fees waived
  • 15% discount on therapies, labs, intra-office services, products, and supplements
  • 25% discount on functional medicine consultations
  • 25% discount on HPC appointments for family members

Annual membership options:

Get 1 free month when you pay for the year in full.

  • Individual: $247/mo or $2,717/yr
  • Couple: $297/mo or $3,267/yr
  • Household (12 y/o or older): $397/mo or $4,367/yr (limited to 5 total members of household)

+ $150 one-time enrollment fee


Start your journey to greater health today with holistic primary care!