Helping you achieve optimal health and performance with IV nutrition therapy.

IV nutrition therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and homeopathics intravenously—directly into your bloodstream.

We help you achieve optimal health and performance, with therapeutic protocols and the highest quality nutrients available, delivered intravenously.

With IV therapy, your body can achieve blood serum concentrations of key nutrients that simply aren’t possible with oral supplementation. And since these nutrients go directly into the bloodstream with IV therapy, they bypass your digestive tract and get right to work.

You can use IV therapy to help with:

  • Improve Energy & Mood
  • Manage Stress
  • Enhance Performance
  • Boost & Support Immunity
  • Age Gracefully
  • Manage a Condition
IV nutrition therapy in kansas city

We’re not hunters & gatherers anymore.

Our modern lifestyle requires an equally modern approach to providing our bodies with nutrition.

Our food is different.

Soil today has been deprived of many essential nutrients for life & vitality—nutrients that were more abundant 100 years ago. As result, our food quality is lower. And much of what we eat is processed, refined, high in sugar, and low in nutrient density.

Our environment is stressful.

Our environment is more stressful and toxic than ever before throughout the history of mankind. This comes from artificial light, 5G wireless towers, Netflix binges, smartphones, more screen time and blue light exposure than any living being is designed to deal with. We’re surrounded by entertainment, EMF exposure, and mind altering technology – all of which encourages poor sleep habits and degradation of health.

On top of that, our homes & workplaces harbor environmental toxins from chemicals coming from cleaning supplies and solutions, scents to make your home smell good, and improved home technologies that hold these toxins in and reduce our exposure to outside air (not to mention all the chemicals that go into our air, water, and food).

Our lives are faster.

We are all trying to do more and more – and to do it harder, better, faster, and stronger. We pursue challenging careers and engage in triathlons and ultramarathons. Why – to each there own – whether it is self-fulfillment or a sense of pressure to prove something to someone or society for whatever reason. Our lives in current western cultures are for the majority fight-or-flight almost all the time.

Today, we need more.

All of these things deplete the resources and raw materials your body needs to thrive: vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

That’s why functional medicine practitioners – like us – use IV therapy as a safe, effective, and efficient tool to provide therapeutic dosing without burdening the GI tract.

IV therapy may also help you with:



Low Energy


Gastrointestinal Problems

Viral Infections

Cardiovascular Health

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Nutritional Deficiencies


Tissue Recovery

Autoimmune Issues

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Faulty Cellular Replication complications

Chronic Infections

And many more health concerns

We’re more than an IV drip bar.

A number of business offering IV therapy in Kansas City have cropped up in the past few years. Today you can get an IV at a hydration boutique, a spa, even a tailgate party… What we offer is at in2GREAT is little different.

We treat the root cause.

We do a lot more than provide IV therapy. Our core business is functional medicine, a whole-person approach to healthcare that looks beyond symptoms—to root causes.

Disease prevention & treatment is not stacking one medication on top of another. It requires learning about your life—your diet, activity level, and what’s going on inside your body.

We test. We do not guess.

We do a lot of lab work with our patients, which allows us to understand the underlying causes of issues you may be dealing with.

From poor digestion to depression, we can use lab work to help determine a course of therapies that will help you to live a more vibrant life.

We combine IV Therapy with Functional Medicine.

Lab work also allows us to provide a much deeper level of IV therapy to our patients than is available through walk-in IV boutiques.

From high-dose vitamins to condition specific IVs and special nutritional approaches, we can use lab work to tailor an IV therapy that is ideal your health & wellness needs.

Combined with a total-care functional medicine, our IV therapies can take your health to new levels.

An example of how we use IV therapy for digestive problems:

IV nutrition therapy is uniquely beneficial if you have a condition that has affected your gastrointestinal system’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Many patients come to us for help with chronic digestive issues, which often cause them to be nutrient deficient. Using IV nutrition therapy, we can provide the key nutrients you need at optimal levels.

By combining IV nutrition therapy with our functional medicine services, we can work with you to heal & restore optimal function to your digestive tract.

The process, explained.

Appointment prep

Hydrate: Drink a few glasses of water before your appointment.

Eat: Have a healthy meal prior. Bring a drink and snack too, if you like.

Be comfortable: Wear something cozy with a shirt sleeve that rolls up above your elbow.

Grab a book. Download a podcast. Or bring your tablet so you can watch a show. And don’t forget to bring your favorite headphones just in case.

Plan ahead: You’ll be at the office for at least an hour. (We’ll let you know exactly how long your appointment will last for each treatment.)

During your appointment

Enjoy: Many people feel an immediate sense of relaxation during treatment.

Communicate: It’s normal to experience some unusual sensations during your IV. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, just let the nurse know. We have many solutions for making the experience one you enjoy every time.

After your appointment

Hydrate: Dehydration causes the most post-IV symptoms and concerns. It’s not intuitive, but IV therapy can be dehydrating. Symptoms like headache, dizziness, dry mouth, joint stiffness & aches are indications you need to drink more water.

Keep it clean: IV site care is key. Keep your bandage on for 2-4 hours after your IV.

Available IV therapies:

  • Chill-Out Myer’s: $150
  • Energy Myer’s: $150
  • Myer’s + 10G Vitamin: $200
  • Basic Immune: $250
  • Viral Immune: $280
  • Detox 1: $250
  • Slim Down Plus: $150
  • Tissue Repair: $200
  • Varsity Athlete: $250
  • Quercetin 200mg/400mg: $275/$390
  • NAD+ 100mg/200/mg: $300/$335
  • Curcumin 200mg/400mg: $359/$520

Some common questions, answered, about IV therapy


  • Your health & wellness is our number one priority.
  • Even for our walk-in IVs, we perform preliminary lab work to make sure you’re a good candidate for IV therapy.
  • We take great care in sourcing our IV ingredients from reputable pharmacies & suppliers.
  • All IVs are prepared by trained professionals to ensure they are within a safe range for your physiology.
  • Every IV is administered by a trained nurse or practitioner.

Most of our walk-in IVs take between 30 and 60 minutes.
Our patient-only IVs can be more complex and may take up to 4 hours to administer.

When you schedule your appointment we will confirm how long your appointment will last based on the particular IV formulation you’ll be receiving.

There may be some minor discomfort, but they aren’t painful.

Getting an IV is similar to having blood drawn. There is a small pinch to start, but after that you won’t feel the needle.

Some patients experience a feeling of coldness, stiffness, or a sensation of pressure/tingling from your fingertips up your arm and into your chest. You might also taste or smell the vitamins. These sensations are normal and will resolve immediately following your IV.

If you do experience any discomfort during your treatment such as burning, stinging, aching, or feelings of nausea or lightheadedness, let your nurse know right away. We have many ways to make you more comfortable!


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