Is IV Nutrition Therapy Safe?

IV Blog – Is IV Nutrition Therapy Safe?

IV Nutrition Therapies are pretty cutting edge, in the sense of what we’re providing from a nutraceutical standpoint. People ask, “Is it safe? My doctor hasn’t ever heard of this.” The answer is they’re extremely safe. Infusions are done by trained professionals. We’ve all been to certification courses and spent countless hours trying to understand the most safe, effective way to provide these.

If it’s done by a trained professional like at in2GREAT Integrative Health, they’re going to make sure that the ingredients are clean, purchased from reputable compounding type pharmacies and suppliers, and we make sure that the osmolarity, the balance within that IV bag or push that we’re going to be providing is absolutely within a safe range so we don’t cause an imbalance within your physiology.

Then every IV is administered by one of our nurses or practitioners who have been properly trained in how to provide the catheterization or butterfly needle to deliver the nutrients into your vein.

So, yes, they are safe.

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