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What Tests Do Functional Medicine Doctors Do?


Functional medicine seeks to get to the root cause of complex medical problems. In order to do this, a Kansas City functional medicine doctor at in2GREAT will perform laboratory testing. Your current symptoms and complete medical history, obtained during your initial consultation, help our in2GREAT team determine what tests may be needed. By accurately reviewing these comprehensive lab tests, we can understand your condition more completely and can formulate a plan that guides you to optimal health. 

Advanced Laboratory Testing 

More traditionally-minded medical professionals often scoff at functional medicine practitioners for following what they label as “voodoo medicine.” They assume that because functional medicine takes a more natural approach to pursue wellness, it neglects modern medical science. This is simply and absolutely false. 

Functional medicine lab testing and analysis utilize the latest and most up-to-date scientific testing available. Moreover, a Kansas City functional medicine doctor at in2GREAT will routinely perform much more comprehensive testing to determine the core causes of your health problems. While, for instance, a traditional medicine doctor may check one or two levels of a certain organ’s output, a functional medicine doctor will check several, if not all aspects of the organ’s function, to get a more complete picture. 

In addition, we prescribe regular retesting to track your progress back to optimal health. This helps us determine if your customized protocol designed to restore your health is working or needs readjustment. And, because optimal health is more than just the absence of disease, regular testing allows a Kansas City functional medicine doctor at in2GREAT to track your overall health and recommend supplements to help you continue a healthy and productive life. 

Achieve Better Health with a Kansas City Functional Medicine Doctor 

For the most scientifically-based and complete medical diagnostic process that leads to continually improving health, trust your medical condition to a Kansas City functional medicine doctor at in2GREAT Integrative Health. Call or message us online today to inquire about a health consultation and our comprehensive range of advanced laboratory testing. 

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