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natural medicine Overland Park KSMany people are looking for the natural medicine Overland Park KS trusts for solutions to their health issues. We know you need to find someone trustworthy with the experience to truly solve your health issues. We hear you. There are so many people who claim to have an alternative approach to the conventional health care model, but often you do not know what you are getting or even the qualifications of the practitioner. At LifeWorks Integrative Health, our practitioners have been helping people heal for almost 20  years using an integrated approach. This means we use a variety of approaches to get the right fit for you. The natural medicine Overland Park KS respects should include a relentless pursuit of excellence using the right tools to address your specific needs. It always saddens us to have people come to us after not having results they need somewhere else, only to find they were put on the exact same supplement protocol as someone else with similar symptoms, but very different underlying cause. This is not the trustworthy natural medicine Overland Park KS has to offer. Not only have we been training, working and learning for years in the areas of functional medicine, homeopathy, nutriceuticals and chiropractic care, but we have the thriving patient community to prove it.

What We Do

The natural medicine Overland Park KS needs is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to your health. This is what we do. Not only do we have the full scope of functional medicine care, but combined with our physical medicine options, we truly have what it takes to help you. Functional medicine is also known as root case medicine. This means we don’t stop asking why until we understand the biochemical mechanisms driving your health issue. To do this, we dive much deeper into your health story than a typical health history used to match your symptoms to a prefabricated protocol. To be the natural medicine Overland Park KS expects, we take the time to listen to your health story, in full. This guides us to the lab data needed to truly see what is happening inside your body. Then we utilize this comprehensive lab data in combination with your health story, and your current lifestyle to determine the path forward. This may be nutritional supplements, homeopathics, lifestyle recommendations, sleep support, pain solutions, chiropractic care or even suggestions around how our regenerative medicine options can benefit you. What we do, depends on what you need. We have been helping people heal long enough to know that the natural medicine Overland Park KS patients truly need is personalized, specific, and unique to you. It cannot, and will not, be the same for everyone.

How We Work

The simple answer to how we work is-  with you. We work with you to find the right path forward for your health. We bring to the table the knowledge, experience, and clinical expertise of having almost 20 years treating people with functional medicine. You bring to the table the expertise in you! You know YOU better than we can ever know you, so we aim to work alongside you in finding the best solutions. This is why we are the natural medicine Overland Park KS patients look to when they want to be an active participant in their health.  We know what it feels like to be ignored, disregarded, or made to feel small by a provider. We also know the power that comes in working as a team through trusting your knowledge of your health. We will bring new information, new ideas, and a concrete plan for you, but we also know you are the one who puts in the day to day work of making your health great. We work alongside you supporting the new changes that need to be made.

We offer expertise, experience, and engagement in your health story that will move you to the next level. We are the natural medicine Overland Park KS relies on because we help you achieve the health you need for the life you want.


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