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“Inflammation when left unchecked can be downright ugly when it comes to chronic degenerative diseases”

– Dr. Matt Gianforte, LifeWorks Integrative Health

Someone asked us recently, what’s the “bread and butter” of what you do? What we do really comes down to inflammation. It’s the root, the cause and the driving force behind most of the pain and chronic diseases that are inhibiting people’s quality of life. Whether it’s physical medicine assessments of your spine, pain, headaches or functional medicine assessment of your digestive issueshormones, thyroid or autoimmune conditions, we are looking for where inflammation is occurring and how to decrease it. We don’t guess at this. We use proven, progressive laboratory testing to truly understand what your body is doing and how we can get you feeling better.

One way to conceptualize inflammation is through the lens of the 3 T’s:

Trauma: poor posture, misalignments in the spine, or even an acute injury cause trauma to the body. The body’s natural response to injury is inflammation, but when the body can’t shut down high or ongoing inflammation, chronic disease sets in. Our stressed, fast, American culture primes each of us to have high levels of chronic inflammation.

Toxins: processed foods, chemicals in our cleaning products, body products, and environmental chemicals all add stress to the body’s metabolic and detoxification systems resulting in inflammation. Even poor quality nutritional supplements can actually contribute to inflammation.

Thoughts: Your psychology affects your biology without a doubt. Mental, relational, financial, and lifestyle stressors change the body physiologically on multiple levels. Digestion, neurotransmitters, hormones and the immune system are all directly affected by your level of stress. Working through emotional issues in a healthy way, maintaining gratefulness and positivity help keep you healthy.

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