The Stages of Divorce Grief for Children

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A family therapist understand that it can be very difficult for children to cope with divorce. If you have recently gone through a divorce and have children, you should know that all children deal with divorce differently. Some children tend to accept the divorce better than others.

Age also impacts the way children handle divorce. Younger children may not have a complete understanding of the meaning of divorce and not be as upset as a result. Teenagers, however, may face anger or depression.

If your child is struggling with the breakup of your marriage and the changes this has caused in the family dynamic, a family therapist may be able to help. To learn more, contact a law office to set up an initial consultation. In the meantime, the following is a brief overview of the various states of grief children go through when their parents divorce.


Although children may notice tension between their parents, the majority of them do not see divorce coming. It is common for children to be stressed out or overwhelmed by the idea of their parents splitting. They may not believe the divorce is real and may think that their parents will get back together soon.


Anger is a common emotion children experience when they are going through a major life change like their parents divorcing. If children do go through the anger stage, the may believe their parents are not treating them fairly or feel that their parent’s divorce was their fault.

Depression and Grief

One of the most challenging stages of divorce grief for children is depression and grief. During this stage, children may have problems with eating or sleeping. If you notice your children are showing signs of depression and grief, it is important to seek professional help for them.


The bargaining stage involves children believing that they have the power to change their parent’s divorce. They may feel that if they improve their academic or athletic performance, they will be able to get their parents back together. This is usually a child’s last attempt to try to get things back to how they used to be.


Acceptance is last stage of divorce grief for children. During this stage, a child understands that their parents will not get back together. They realize that they will be okay despite their parents divorcing. By continually telling their children that everything will be fine, you can help their children get to this stage.

Contact a Compassionate Family Therapist If you would like more information about the stages of divorce grief and depression treatment Palatine, IL offers for children or feel that your child would benefit with talking with a family therapist clients recommend. They can help your child work through the difficulties they may be struggling with and help them to move through the stages of grief so they can arrive at a happy and healthy emotional place.


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