Don’t Settle for Less

The number of people we encounter whose doctor has told them their thyroid levels are fine yet they are still experiencing fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, low mood, irritability and poor sleep is staggering, which is why we are the team for thyroid treatment in Johnson County KS that knows how to get the thyroid answers you need to feel well again. Too many people settle for feeling marginally well when it comes to thyroid conditions. We have higher standards for our care and for your health. If you have a thyroid condition, don’t settle for less than feeling great again.

Thyroid conditions are often overlooked and poorly managed in the conventional health model. Countless clients over the years have expressed to us they have felt dismissed, disregarded and disrespected by their healthcare provider who seemed to not believe that they could have having symptoms of thyroid disease when their TSH level was in normal range. There is clearly something wrong with how thyroid disease is typically managed it is common for us to sit with a patient moved to tears when we begin to explain what is happening with their thyroid condition and the steps we will take to correct it. They cry because they feel there is hope for relief for the first time and for the first time someone has answers to why they feel so poorly. The tears are from years of suffering with no answers and doctors disregarding their attempts at explaining their discomfort and feeling that something is still not right in their body.

Thyroid Treatment For Your Best Health Is Here

If this has been your experience at any level, we are here to help. We understand thyroid conditions and we do not rely on only one lab value to treat your thyroid condition. We understand the deep and lasting impact poorly managed thyroid disease can have on your health and sense of well-being. We are passionate and committed to getting you to your best health. Feeling not horrible is not good enough for us. You deserve to feel great. A functional medicine approach to thyroid health includes a broader and deeper assessment of thyroid related lab values than what primary care physician or endocrinologist generally offer. Because all hormones are connected through feedback loops in the body, there is a delicate balance that must be understood in how the body makes, uses, stores, and gets rid of hormones, including thyroid hormone. The practitioners at in2GREAT Integrative Health are both exceptional and passionate about the area of thyroid health, particularly for women. Understanding not just how thyroid works, but then how to treat thyroid conditions given the many different options available is both a science and an art. No two people are alike, and in our experience treatment of thyroid conditions need to be highly individualized. Even the type of thyroid replacement or supplement needed can be very different from one person to the next which is why we utilize a variety of thyroid supplementation and replacement strategies based on what is the very best fit for you. Thyroid relief in Johnson County KS is here, and we are the team to get you back to the health you need for the life you want!