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Functional Medicine Testimonials

“I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my digestion. My hormones were all over the place. I was gaining weight.

I went to my primary care and all my labs came back as normal so they just kind of sent me on my way.

It’s a different level of frustration when you know there’s something off with your body and no one can really help you know what that is, until I came to Dr. Priest… If you’re having those issues and you’re not getting answers or getting assistance this is the place to come.”

– Brandi

“I’ve been taking multivitamins for a number of years. I usually by them at the grocery store or discount stores. This time I decided that I would go with one that Dr. Priest had recommended…

I had taken the multivitamin for several days when I suddenly realized I was forgetting to take my power naps in the afternoon. I felt a lot stronger. I had more energy. I was more alert. I was getting so much more done at home, and I thought “what’s different going on in my life”, and the only difference was the vitamin.”

– Anne

“When I came to Dr. Priest my biggest goal was to be able to get off this blood thinner. Working with Dr. Priest has been very informative.

I ask a lot of questions, and he’s always willing to answer them. He’s really been helpful in guiding me through the process. When I come into an appointment with Dr. Priest I’m usually pretty excited, just to be able to talk to him.”

– Mike

“I went to my primary doctor, who sent me to a GI doc, and I left my first appointment with her in tears because I felt dumb for asking her questions… I saw six different healthcare providers within 8-9 months, I hit my deductible, and I got no answers.

[Dr. Priest] said “just so you know there’s a lot more you can still do”… and at that point I had hope again that I wasn’t going to be stuck with the digestive issues or being exhausted by 5pm every night or being irritable or being mad for no reason.

It turned out that I wasn’t crazy and I wasn’t making up everything that was going on, and we got to the root cause that I was hypothyroid and had very little female hormones. So we’ve been treating that and I feel like a new person.”

– Holly

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