Over the past week there have been an overwhelming number of updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how we all should be protecting ourselves against potential exposure.

On March 21st, Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Quinton Lucas issued a “Stay at Home” Order effective starting at 12:01am Tuesday, March 24th. Authorities state that core partners in the Metro area have also issued orders, including Overland Park and Johnson County at large.

Under this order, permissible essential activities include visiting a healthcare professional and obtaining medical supplies or medication. At this time, in order to continue serving our patients, we will remain open. Please refer below to additional precautionary protocols our office has put in place for staff and patients to follow in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Book your Immune-boosting Vitamin C IV now and save 43%

Now is a crucial time to consider implementing proactive measures to help boost your immune system before the first signs of illness. In recent communications from the Shanghai Medical Association in China, initial studies are showing positive impacts in the mitigation of the virus and its viral symptoms with the administration of high-dose Vitamin C IVs. ZhiYong Peng, MD of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University recently registered a phase II clinical trial to test the efficacy of Vitamin C infusions for the treatment of severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) associated with the novel coronavirus.

Our IV protocol has been carefully developed to synergistically support healthy immune responses and antiviral mechanisms, and is designed for proactive approaches and prophylactic use. Not only have we included a comprehensive number of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals alongside Vitamin C, we’ve also conveniently packaged this IV in a multi-dose set for your benefit.

Included in our Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV

    • Acetylcysteine
      • This is a naturally occurring amino acid and works to limit lung inflammation and damage associated with viruses and viral growth in the respiratory tissue. One of the primary ways this virus leads to severe and critical cases is the inflammation it causes in the respiratory tissues. Acetylcysteine helps break down mucus production, essentially acting as an expectorant. It also increases natural glutathione production, a primary antioxidant, while boosting your body’s immune response and detox mechanisms, helping to clear out infections. Lastly, it contains natural anti-viral properties and inhibits viral replication.
    • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
      • Vitamin C is amazing for a lot of things at the right dosing. As shown by many studies (including recent evidence from China and its impact on COVID-19), in combination with Zinc, Vitamin C can be an effective treatment in hospitals for individuals experiencing respiratory symptoms. Vitamin C also contains anti-viral properties, immune modulating abilities, and an ability to enhance connective tissue repair. As we get an acute infection, our body’s demand for Vitamin C rapidly increases. Healthy doses of Vitamin C administered intravenously and prophylactically can help prepare the immune system to fight viruses and also limit their ability to replicate and adhere to tissue.
    • L Lysine
      • L Lysine offers natural antiviral properties by strengthening the body’s connective tissue, providing a barrier against bacteria and viruses and inhibiting their proliferation. This is especially important with the novel Coronavirus due to its supposed “sticky nature” of adhering to sinus and lung endothelial tissue.
    • Glycyrrhiza
      • More commonly known as Licorice Root, Glycyrrhiza assists our body’s stress response in fighting viruses and has shown to have many anti-viral properties as well.  Providing this intravenously is a very efficient and effective way to help mitigate viral exposure in an effective and safe delivery format.
    • Selenium
      • Recent studies on Selenium including this one from the NIH have demonstrated that a deficiency in this trace mineral can lead to increased viral virulence or pathogenesis (contraction of the infection, leading to disease). Providing adequate levels of selenium helps to protect our bodies against viral infection.
    • Zinc
      • Zinc is a well-known mineral used to support a healthy immune response and performs antiviral activities throughout numerous physiological responses. Zinc, especially in combination with Vitamin C, has proven an effective aid in fighting viruses.
    • B Vitamins
      • B Vitamins play a crucial role as cofactors and rate-limiting mechanisms for many immune, hormone, and detox responses. Supporting these responses is crucial in making sure our bodies can fight infections properly.

Frequency and timing for these IV treatments

Just like most treatments, whether it’s a drug therapy or a physical therapy, more than one dose or session is necessary to achieve lasting benefit. We recommend a minimum of four IV treatments in order to take advantage of their cumulative effect.

The main goal in providing multiple doses is keeping your body healthy and your symptoms minimal. We want to build your body’s immune response, support your body’s numerous response mechanisms, and build layers of protection. This not only limits viral load and virulence, but also helps support your body in efficiently fighting an infection if you do happen to contract the novel Coronavirus, or any other influenza infection.

Receiving up to two IVs per week through your preferred treatment period is imperative. You can opt to receive one treatment each week for four weeks, or two treatments each week for two weeks.

Schedule your appointments for now or for later

Scheduling your IV appointments now allows you to take advantage of preparing your body during this incredibly vulnerable time while the chance of exposure is high.

Scheduling your IV appointments later allows you to reduce your chances of getting sick while exposure is still possible, after “Stay at Home” orders have lifted and area residents are allowed to congregate in public places again.

Be proactive in protecting your health!

Regular pricing for this package of four High-Dose Vitamin C IV treatments is $1,400. For a limited time, we’re offering our High-Dose Vitamin C IV Package for only $800*, a savings of more than 40%.

Only 40 of these Immune-Boosting IV packages are available at this time. Orders will be processed and scheduled on a first-call, first-serve basis. Please note, orders are limited to three packages per household.


To purchase your Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV,
give us a call at (913) 906-7787


Answers to questions you might have about IVs

Why is an IV better than oral supplementation?
Nutritional IVs have amazing benefits over oral supplementation. Most Americans suffer from GI tracts that are not functioning at 100% due to the processed foods we eat, high stress levels, and more. Bypassing the GI system and going directly into the bloodstream allows your body to absorb vitamins, minerals, and herbs much more effectively, increasing their therapeutic effect.

How long does an IV take?
Our IVs range in the length of time they take to complete, but our Vitamin C IV is designed to take around an hour.

I am not comfortable coming into the office with the heightened attention on COVID-19. Is it okay to do this IV when things have calmed down? Will this IV still be beneficial to my health?
We understand many of you likely have concerns about limiting your exposure during the coming months, and we are here to help you receive treatment in whichever way makes you most comfortable. While there is certainly an increased risk at this time, the novel Coronavirus and all existing influenza viruses are still circulating and can be contracted, even under normal circumstances. Given that, Vitamin C IV treatment can be incredibly beneficial to your health, regardless of whether you receive it now or later.  We also want to reiterate the extra precautions we are taking here at the office (see below).

Is it okay to continue my oral supplement routine on days I schedule this IV?

Absolutely. Please continue taking all your regularly scheduled supplements. If you have any questions or concerns about interactions with supplements or medications you’re currently taking, send us an email.

Are labs required to prepare for this IV?
No labs are required in order to receive our Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV package.

Are there any interactions with Vitamin C that I should be concerned about?

There are no known interactions at this dosing.

Where can I find more information about IV Therapy?
For more information about IV Nutritional Therapy at in2GREAT, click here and here.

Precautions we’re taking at in2GREAT

Standard protocol that has already been in place:

Additional protocol and precautions being practiced:
    • All functional medicine consultations with Dr. Priest will be scheduled remotely in order to reduce the number of people in our office each day.
    • We are limiting the number of people in the office to 10 people at a time, including staff members.
    • We have asked that all parcel deliveries be left outside our office door.
    • For patients in need of supplements available through our office, all orders will be shipped via USPS Retail Ground and shipping fees will be waived. Please note: Supplements are in limited supply, and we have imposed temporary quantity limitations on certain items. We appreciate your continued patience as we work to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.
    • We are pre-screening all patients before they come into the office. Pre-screening is required in order to conduct your visit. The following questions will be asked:
      • Have you had a temperature above 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit within the past week?
      • Have you had a cough within 48 hours?
      • Have you had signs or symptoms of compromised respiratory function within the past 48 hours?
    • We will be taking the temperature of all staff and patients that enter the office. If any employee or patient shows signs of illness including an above-normal temperature, we will ask that they promptly seek medical attention and remain at home until they are free of all symptoms.
    • We will continue deep cleaning between each patient and thoroughly wiping down all workspaces and other frequently used spaces.
    • Disposable paper cups will be available for water or hot tea.

Important information for well-being

Here are some tips and valuable resources for you to read, which will help you make smart decisions about keeping you and your family safe:

    • Frequently wipe down and disinfect high-contact surfaces such as doorknobs, faucet handles, steering wheels, and cellphones.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly and often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. If you don’t have access to water, use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
    • Consider gloves as an extra preventative measure, but remember—gloves aren’t magic! If you touch a contaminated surface or object with a gloved hand and then touch your face or someone else, you could risk getting yourself or someone else sick.
    • Read this: How canceled events and self-quarantines save lives, in one chart This article explains why it’s necessary to practice social distancing to protect those most vulnerable and prevent a strain on our healthcare system.
    • Watch this: What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day by Day. This video illustrates the clinical course of COVID-19 including the range of cases from mild to critical.
    • Most importantly, minimize stress and keep a positive mindset. Here’s a helpful tip from BrainMD: “Kill the ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). Automatic negative thoughts can infest your mind during a pandemic, but you can learn to control them. Avoid making drastic assumptions and question your thoughts. You do not need to believe everything you think!”
For more prevention measures, please review the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Your well-being and peace of mind mean everything to us

At in2GREAT, we are committed to providing quality care in a safe environment. We understand that this is a stressful and unprecedented time you’re facing. We’re in this together, and we’re here for you. Many parts of our lives may be on hold for a relatively short period in order to assist with slowing the rate of infection and to avoid overwhelming and over-burdening our healthcare system. The reality is, the majority of our population will likely contract this virus at some point this or next year, and it will pass without serious illness or issues. Most people will recover from it just like any other “cold or flu-like bug”. Our best advice is to take proactive precautionary measures, and stay strong and healthy. If you have further questions, please give us a call at (913) 906-7787.

Dr. Corey Priest and the in2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health Team

Dr Corey Priest, DC - Functional medicine practitioner

About the author

Dr. Corey Priest has been practicing functional medicine since 2001. in2GREAT was founded in 2014 by Dr Priest after 13 years of experience with his other practices. Over his career, Dr. Priest has worked with and helped well over 10,000 patients under a functional medicine model.

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