Immune-Boosting IV Therapy

Boost Your Immunity

Vitamin C IV Therapy

Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV now available.

Be proactive in protecting your health.

Now is a crucial time to consider implementing proactive measures to help boost your immune system before the first signs of illness. We’ve designed a special Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV just for you!

Designed with you in mind.

Our IV protocol has been carefully developed to synergistically support healthy immune responses and antiviral mechanisms, and is designed for proactive approaches and prophylactic use. Not only have we included a comprehensive number of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals alongside Vitamin C, we’ve also conveniently packaged this IV in a multi-dose set for your benefit.

For a limited time, save 5%.

We’re offering our Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV Package of four treatments for only $1064.

Regular pricing for this package of four high-dose Vitamin C IV treatments is $1,120. Fewer than 40 of these Immune-Boosting IV packages are available at this time. Orders are being processed and scheduled on a first-call, first-serve basis. Please note, orders are limited to three packages per household.

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Your health and wellness are our number one priority.

Our Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV has been specifically formulated to help you maintain lasting cumulative benefits.

We help you achieve optimal health, with therapeutic protocols and the highest quality nutrients available.

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Here’s what’s included.

We’ve formulated a targeted blend of amino acids, vitamins, herbs, and minerals including Acetylcysteine, L Lysine, Glycyrrhiza, Selenium, Zinc, B Vitamins, and of course—Vitamin C.

This package includes a series of four IV treatments. Read on to learn why this IV is only offered as a set.

Frequency and timing for these IV treatments.

Just like most treatments, whether it’s a drug therapy or a physical therapy, more than one dose or session is necessary to achieve lasting benefit. We recommend a minimum of four IV treatments in order to take advantage of their cumulative effect, which is why we’ve bundled four treatment sessions together for this Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV offer.

The main goal in providing multiple doses is keeping your body healthy and your symptoms minimal. We want to build your body’s immune response, support your body’s numerous response mechanisms, and build layers of protection. This not only limits viral load and virulence, but also helps support your body in efficiently fighting an infection if you do happen to contract the novel Coronavirus, or any other influenza infection.

Receiving up to two IVs per week through your preferred treatment period is imperative. You can opt to receive one treatment each week for four weeks, or two treatments each week for two weeks.

Schedule your appointments for now or for later.

Scheduling your IV appointments now allows you to take advantage of preparing your body during this incredibly vulnerable time while the chance of exposure is high.

Scheduling your IV appointments later allows you to reduce your chances of getting sick while exposure is still possible, after “Stay at Home” orders have lifted and area residents are allowed to congregate in public places again.

How IV therapy works

IV nutrition therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and homeopathics intravenously—directly into your bloodstream.

With IV therapy in Kansas City, your body can achieve blood serum concentrations of key nutrients that simply aren’t possible with oral supplementation.

Since these nutrients go directly into the bloodstream with IV therapy, they bypass your digestive tract and get right to work.

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The process, explained.


Appointment prep

Hydrate. Drink a few glasses of water before your appointment.

Eat. Have a healthy meal prior. Bring a drink and snack too, if you like.

Be comfortable. Wear something cozy with a shirt sleeve that rolls up above your elbow.  

Grab a book. Download a podcast. Or bring your tablet so you can watch a show.

Plan ahead. You’ll be at the office for at least an hour. (We’ll let you know exactly how long your appointment will last for each treatment.)


During your appointment

Enjoy. Many people feel an immediate sense of relaxation during treatment. 

Communicate. It’s normal to experience some unusual sensations during your IV. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, just let the nurse know. We have many solutions for making the experience one you enjoy every time.


After your appointment

Hydrate! Dehydration causes the most post-IV symptoms and concerns. It’s not intuitive, but IV therapy can be dehydrating. Symptoms like headache, dizziness, dry mouth, joint stiffness & aches are indications you need to drink more water.

Keep it clean. IV site care is key. Keep your bandage on for 2-4 hours after your IV.

“in2GREAT was something different than I had ever experienced before... If you feel like you have no place that you can go, and you feel like there is no hope, there is hope.”

– Emily, in2GREAT patient

Common questions, answered.

Why is an IV better than oral supplementation?

Nutritional IVs have amazing benefits over oral supplementation.

Most Americans suffer from GI tracts that are not functioning at 100% due to the processed foods we eat, high stress levels, and more. Bypassing the GI system and going directly into the bloodstream allows your body to absorb vitamins, minerals, and herbs much more effectively, increasing their therapeutic effect.

Why is this only available as a package of four treatments?

Our package is designed to take advantage of the cumulative effect.

Just like most treatments, whether it’s a drug therapy or a physical therapy, more than one dose or session is necessary to achieve lasting benefit. While this IV offering cannot be purchased as a single treatment, you’re welcome to purchase more than one package in order to lengthen overall treatment time. Please keep in mind, orders are limited to three packages per household.

Is IV therapy safe?


Your health & wellness is our number one priority.

We take great care in sourcing our IV ingredients from reputable pharmacies & suppliers.

All IVs are prepared by trained professionals to ensure they are within a safe range for your physiology.

Every IV is administered by a trained nurse or practitioner.

How long do IVs take?

Most of our walk-in IVs take between 30 and 60 minutes.

Our Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV is designed to take around an hour.

If you’re interested in other IV treatments we offer, when you schedule your appointment we will confirm how long your appointment will last based on the particular IV formulation you’ll be receiving.

Do IVs hurt?

There may be some minor discomfort, but they aren’t painful.

Getting an IV is similar to having blood drawn. There is a small pinch to start, but after that you won’t feel the needle.

Some patients experience a feeling of coldness, stiffness, or a sensation of pressure/tingling from your fingertips up your arm and into your chest. You might also taste or smell the vitamins. These sensations are normal and will resolve immediately following your IV.

If you do experience any discomfort during your treatment such as burning, stinging, aching, or feelings of nausea or lightheadedness, let your nurse know right away. We have many ways to make you more comfortable!

Would this IV still be beneficial to my health after the COVID-19 pandemic passes?


We understand you likely have concerns about limiting your exposure during the coming months, and may not be comfortable coming into the office during the heightened attention on COVID-19. We are here to help you receive treatment in whichever way makes you most comfortable.

While there is certainly an increased risk at this time, the novel Coronavirus and all existing influenza viruses are still circulating and can be contracted, even under normal circumstances. Given that, this Vitamin C IV treatment can be incredibly beneficial to your health, regardless of whether you receive it now or later. We also want to reiterate the extra precautions we are taking here at the office (click here for more information).

Is it okay to continue my oral supplement routine on days I schedule this IV?


Please continue taking all your regularly scheduled supplements. If you have any questions or concerns about interactions with supplements or medications you’re currently taking, email Catherine by clicking here.

Are labs required to prepare for this IV?


No labs are required in order to receive our Immune-Boosting Vitamin C IV package.

Are there any interactions with Vitamin C that I should be concerned about?


There are no known interactions at this dosing.

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