Ways to Manage Diabetes

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Diabetes is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States and affects approximately 26 million Americans. Seven million of those remain undiagnosed, unaware of the toll uncontrolled blood sugar takes on their body over time. The estimated medical expense for diabetes and its related sequelae, as we will discuss here, are in the range of an astronomical $250 billion in direct and indirect costs.


However, our mantra here at LifeWorks Integrative Health is one of prevention first, intervention second. We have achieved fantastic results in our patient population with our comprehensive approach to diabetes care. Let’s examine what diabetes is and why it’s so important to establish care with a diabetes doctor to manage it properly.

What Is Diabetes?

Type I: In Type I diabetes, the disease is mainly driven by genetics. The body produces what are called autoantibodies, which tag the body’s pancreatic beta cells for destruction. These cells are the hormonal cells of the body that produce insulin, the hormone responsible for keeping your body’s blood glucose in check by allowing your body’s cells to take the glucose out of the bloodstream into the cells, where it can be used. Without this hormone, not only do the body’s blood sugars elevate wildLy out of proportion, your body resorts to alternate forms of fuel production, which creates acidic byproducts that can have deadly consequences.

Type II: In Type II diabetes, the problem remains the same; not enough insulin. However, instead of an autoimmune problem attributed mostly to genetics, the primary issue here is insulin resistance. Due to a combination of factors, including those listed below, the cells of the body begin to develop a resistance to insulin, which negatively affects insulin’s ability to function:

o   Genetics (albeit to a lesser degree than in Type I)

o   Poor diet

o   Lack of exercise

o   Obesity

o   Others

How is diabetes treated?

While Type I diabetes requires insulin injections, Type II diabetes is far more prevalent and requires a variety of treatment approaches for optimal treatment. Both of these variations of diabetes require careful titration of medications and close follow-up to ensure side effects are minimized, glucose is properly controlled, and the dangerous ramifications of uncontrolled diabetes are avoided.


At LifeWorks Integrative Health, each Overland Park KS diabetes doctor does just that for our patients and can do the same for you. Here are a few of the treatments we offer:

–       Various classes of evidence-based medications that act on all different levels

–       Nutrition counseling

–       Exercise/physical therapy

–       Insulin, short and long-acting types

Why is blood sugar control so important?

Blood sugar is kept in a “Goldilocks” zone by our body’s system of detecting blood sugar, secreting insulin, and a complex series of interactions between multitudes of proteins within the body. When this process goes awry, and blood sugar is chronically high over a long period of time, damage can be done to many parts of the body and symptoms are often absent until it’s too late.


Here are some of the terrible consequences of poorly controlled blood sugar:

–       Retinopathy – The deterioration of vision

–       Kidney failure – Diabetes is the leading cause of patients requiring dialysis (a machine that performs the natural function of the kidney for you) in the United States

–       Neuropathy/nerve damage – Can cause shooting nerve pain, a sign of nerve death. This can lead to total numbness

–       Diabetic foot ulcers – A result of the nerve death described above, patients with longstanding uncontrolled diabetes can cause significant damage to their extremities without knowing it, resulting in foot ulcers due to the pressure and trauma of daily activity

–       Poor wound healing – High blood sugars are a feasting ground for bacteria and this can lead to devastating infections. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of amputations in the United States

All of this should tell you the importance of keeping your diabetes in check, and nobody will be able to help you do that like a diabetes doctor Overland Park KS patients recommend from LifeWorks Integrative Health. Call our office to make an appointment today.


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