What Conditions Do You Use IV Nutrition Therapy For?

What Conditions Do You Use IV Nutrition Therapy For?

IV Nutrition Therapy is something that we’ve been wanting to implement within in2GREAT Integrative Health for the last 10, 11 years. Now it’s become more of a demand, and necessity than it has ever before because of how inflamed and how toxic many of the patients coming in are. We say that because the GI tract is extremely inflamed to the point that the oral administration of nutrients and things that we’ve done in the past and had good success on, we’re not having as quick a result as we typically would expect in a larger percentage of these patients. That’s why we’re bringing in IV Nutrition Therapy.

There’s a lot of conditions that IVs can treat and help the patient deal with. Those range from anything from cardiovascular disorders, anti-aging or graceful aging, to athletic recovery, detoxification, hydration issues, migraines, headaches, energy levels, allergies. We have some therapies designed to improve patients that have cancer and getting through that cancer whether they’re using chemotherapy and doing things to boost their immune system.

Macular degeneration is another common one that we’ve developed a protocol for to help to improve the eye health. What we’ll do with that particular IV is we’ll do a pre and a post eye exam. It’s not unusual to see patients notice benefits even immediately after a infusion.

There’s more conditions that IV therapy can help with. Those are a few just to wet your palate to understand how vast and how broad IV therapy can be in a health and wellness regimen.

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