Functional Medicine Consultant

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 6 out of 10 adults currently suffer from chronic disease, and 4 out of every 10 battle two or more chronic conditions. Growing evidence reveals that traditional healthcare approaches do not effectively treat chronic illness at the source, but only address surface symptoms. Fortunately, if you suffer from chronic illnesses in or near Overland Park KS, your search for a functional medicine consultant leads you to In2GREAT Functional Medicine Clinic.

How Functional Medicine Consultants Can Help 

A functional medicine consultant serves as a partner in your overall health and wellness. These consultants can work to provide a more tailored approach when you suffer from longer-term, chronic health problems. 

These consultants are highly-trained health-care providers who can provide tools, support, and accountability, as well as a host of integrative medicine solutions, for lasting changes in your overall health. These services can include: 

  • Advanced protocols, dietary, and lifestyle guidance 
  • High-level testing for diagnosing chronic conditions 
  • Formulating long-term strategies to combat complex health issues 
  • Supplemental, nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical management 
  • Alternative medicine approaches
  • Root-Cause based medicine 

A functional medicine consultant brings a plethora of new ideas and approaches to treating long-term illness. A doctor of functional medicine can have an incredible impact on your overall health. 

Where is a Functional Medicine Consultant? 

For those in and around Johnson County, Kansas City, Grandview, and Olathe, Kansas City Metro area.  In2GREAT Functional Medicine Clinic in Overland Park, Kansas, provides functional medicine physicians and consultants who can work with chronic illnesses with a variety of integrated approaches. 

If you suffer from poor sleep, weight gain, hair loss, lack of energy, low libido, irritability or low mood, a better path to health is available with a functional medicine consult in Overland Park. Call In2GREAT now to schedule a consultation

Dr Corey Priest, DC - Functional medicine practitioner

About the author

Dr. Corey Priest has been practicing functional medicine since 2001. in2GREAT was founded in 2014 by Dr Priest after 13 years of experience with his other practices. Over his career, Dr. Priest has worked with and helped well over 10,000 patients under a functional medicine model.

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