A mother, a triathlete, a wellness practitioner, a lover of The Smiths – these are some of the traits that Eli Trave, our Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Level 2 Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP), brings to the table here at in2GREAT. Having recently achieved Level 2 certification in RWP, Eli is bringing an even bigger arsenal of knowledge and compassion to the clients looking to take ownership of their health at in2GREAT. 

We sat down with her to walk us through her Restorative Wellness Practitioner journey. . . 

Can you talk about some of the lessons and philosophies that were explored in Level 1 of RWP?

RWP Level 1 is all about digestion – how digestion is supposed to function, and what happens when there is dysfunction or dysbiosis. Digestion is the top healing priority of the body. When the GI system isn’t properly digesting and absorbing nutrients, nutritional deficiencies occur as a consequence of malabsorption and affects the vitality of the entire body. Level 1 certification gave me the ability to help our clients identify contributing factors that can drive digestive dysfunction, assess comprehensive lab tests, and help optimize digestive function through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. 

How does Level 1 differ from Level 2? How does this newly achieved level make you a better provider for in2GREAT clients?

Level 2 certification gave me the ability to interpret different hormone lab tests to help identify where there is an imbalance, understand the driving force behind that imbalance, and create a healing protocol through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle to restore hormonal balance. 

How did you know becoming a RWP was right for you? And why did you decide to continue your RWP education?

After I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association as an FNTP, I was only able to help clients get so far in their health journey. I wanted to be able to utilize lab testing to gather real data on my clients to match with their clinical picture, and provide them with the next level of care. The RWS courses were just what I needed to take the right step for my clients. 

How does being certified as a Level 2 of RWP help clients work towards a healthier living?

Through collecting lab and clinical data, I’m able to identify imbalances in one’s physiology and identify blocking factors and imbalances that prevent healing. I leverage new tools and new ways of thinking in order to give the body exactly what it needs to achieve true healing, rather than purely diagnosing.

What can a patient expect that is different from someone who is not certified?

In order to enroll in the Restorative Wellness Solutions (RWS) courses, you must already be a qualified health practitioner. The RWS courses have helped me facilitate healing in my clients with greater efficiency and effectiveness by arming me with the understanding of how to interpret lab results. 

The RWS teaches three essential skills that make a truly elite practitioner: understanding and honoring the healing priorities of the body, identifying blocking factors and imbalances with tools such as objective testing (GI-MAP, MRT Food Sensitivity, DUTCH testing, saliva hormone testing), and then taking these findings and creating a customized therapeutic healing protocol for each client to help achieve the best possible health outcome. This can include diet, lifestyle changes, targeted supplementation, further testing or more. 

What were some of the challenges you faced in getting your Level 2?

Beyond the challenges of the materials of the course, time management was a bit challenging on a personal level. I live a busy life, as most of us do. I work full-time, I am a mother of three, and during the 12 weeks of this course I was also training for a triathlon. Balancing time became a juggling act. I am fortunate to have amazing support from my partner who stepped up to the plate to help pick up slack for me.

What is one thing you want clients to know about you as a Level 2 RWP? 

Clients should know that I practice what I preach. I have my own health struggles at times and I take a holistic, functional approach to my health. I have three children and when they are sick I do the same. I truly believe the body is designed to heal itself, when provided with the right tools. 

What is the best idea or practice you’ve taken from Level 2 that you want every client to know?

I would say while there is no one size fits all approach to health, we all have different needs, but in order to achieve true wellness, we need to work on the wellness triad – mind, body, spirit. It is so amazing the power that one’s mindset has over their physical health. Adopting gratitude and meditation or prayer into one’s wellness plan is a huge player in our overall wellness.

What are your future plans for your RWP education?

I have been asked by my family to take a short break from school, so I plan on taking the level 3 course, Mastering the Art and Science of Nutritional Blood Chemistry next spring, and hopefully completing all 4 RWS courses.

I would say while there is no one size fits all approach to health, we all have different needs, but in order to achieve true wellness, we need to work on the wellness triad – mind, body, spirit.

Eli Trave
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