What is Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine Exactly?

In this transformational era of modern healthcare, many are asking, “Just what is functional medicine?” In many important ways, functional medicine is appropriately defined and explained by its name. It is a philosophy of medicine that seeks to determine the underlying function of an illness or condition in order to prescribe the best possible treatment for the root problem.

The primary focus is diagnosing and treating the foundational problem instead of simply treating symptoms. At in2GREAT Functional Medicine and Integrative Health in Overland Park, we seek to facilitate true healing by going beyond where conventional medicine fails.

Functional Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine? It is going beyond the limits of conventional medicine. Conventional medicine has been around for a long time, and it has brought us incredibly far regarding the diagnosis and treatment of many injuries, illnesses, and conditions.

Conventional medicine serves patients relatively well with common problems and easily diagnosed health conditions. But if you have ever wondered if you have reached the limit of how medicine can help your condition, you are entering the realm of where functional medicine begins.

Many times, patients wonder if a long-term regimen of medications or other surface treatments has brought them to the best they will ever feel. If you have undergone long-term treatments for symptoms and still don’t feel completely well, the underlying problem has likely not been addressed. And conventional medicine is basically not designed to effectively resolve chronic medical conditions.

Functional Medicine is a partnership between you and your physician that seeks to:

  • Understand your entire health story
  • Obtain comprehensive laboratory data specific to your body
  • Use decades of clinical experience
  • Utilize science-based integrative therapies, diet modifications, and lifestyle interventions
  • Create individualized care plans unique to only you
  • Give you ongoing support in your health transformation
  • Get to the root cause of your health care concern or disease process

If you are ready to feel better than ever before, due to the innovative and varied methodologies for diagnosis and treatment that are characteristic of functional medicine, call us at in2GREAT Functional Medicine and Integrated Health. Let us introduce you to the best of 21st century healthcare in Overland Park and Kansas City.

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