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What Is IV Nutrition Therapy?

IV nutrition is the most effective and efficient way to give your cells, tissue, and blood exactly what they need to thrive. The use of intravenous vitamins follows the same universal  truth of medicine that an IV will work faster and offer high concentrations of the medicine, solution, vitamin, etc than the oral version. The ability to bypass the intestinal tract is a primary benefit to IV nutrition therapy. A variety of nutrients can be provided such as water and fat soluble vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutrient cofactors and other building blocks needed as raw material for the work your body does for you on a daily basis.

The process of getting IV nutrition therapy is simple and straightforward. Our doctors and staff work with you to determine the right support for your situation, then the actual IV is administered while you relax in our IV room. Our peaceful environment lets you take a breather from your hectic schedule, while the IV does the work to up-level your health.   

IV Nutrition Compared to Oral Supplements

So you may be asking, what’s the difference between IV and high quality oral supplements like you use at in2GREAT Integrative Health? Well, the biggest difference is in the complexity and efficiency (or inefficiency) of the GI tract which varies from person to person. The GI tract can easily be compromised and prevent absorption of necessary nutrients. Quality oral supplementation regiments have their place, but paired with IV nutrients, you can achieve an optimal level of health faster and more efficiently.

Oral Vitamins to Maintain Foundational Nutrition

Quality oral supplements are part of the foundation of health in a modern society. Some form of nutrition supplementation is required in this day in age, if you are going to avoid chronic disease. When any disease has already set in, you are playing catch up on your nutrient status on a day to day basis. This is where the efficiency and potency of IV nutrition therapy plays a key role in those who want to thrive instead of just survive. While the oral vitamins give a solid foundation and maintain the baseline nutrient, the IV treatments repair, replete and boost nutrition to allow you to take on life as it comes without being as vulnerable to disease, fatigue, and chronic issues.

Vitamins, Minerals and the GI Tract

The digestive tract has to break down everything we eat into much smaller particles and then extract the vitamin, minerals, and amino acids to forms small enough to be able to pass through the GI lining into the bloodstream. Seems simple enough but this is actually quite an inefficient process. It is the process we were designed to do, but that doesn’t mean it works well all the time- particularly when considering the vastly different environment we live in compared to our ancestors. The digestion process gets further complicated by stress, medications, infections, inflammation, leaky gut, smoking and lack of sleep- hallmarks of modern society. When there is any, and we mean any, hiccup in digestion then vitamin/mineral status is compromised. For those who experience chronic stress, autoimmune conditions, and chronic disease, this vitamin/mineral and amino acid status is ever further stressed.

This compromised GI system means your body does not have enough raw material available for the processes your body needs to keep you well and thriving. This is when we notice small things like aches, pains, fatigue, foggy brain, dull skin, and anxiety that will develop into more if not addressed.

Food choices, stress, sleep, medications, and toxic environment all contribute to the problems with breaking down, absorbing, and assimilating vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Essentially, the entire modern world is set up to work against good digestion and nutrient availability for the body. When all these major or minor disruptions are taking place, you may not even be able to utilize the full extent of the nutrients in your oral supplements, regardless of the quality.

When food is broken down into the nutrients needed in body tissues and the bloodstream, they get to the bloodstream by passing through the permeable membrane of the GI tract and be transported to their destination. There are specific transportation molecules for different nutrients, and multiple nutrients utilize one type of transport vehicle, so if a vehicle isn’t available due to low supply, vitamins basically have to wait in line to get into the body tissues. This competitive transport system further challenges the availability of building material available for your body processes making you susceptible to disease.

IV Vitamins to Boost, Repair, and Replete

The flexibility and adaptability of IV nutrient therapy makes it a superb functional medicine tool for virtually everyone. IV nutrition is used to uplevel, boost and optimize the health of high achievers, athletes, and those who live to the max. In addition, IV nutrients can be the lifeline for those suffering from chronic disease, fatigue, multiple diseases, and cancer. The level of repair and repletion of nutrients available from IV nutrition is not even comparable to what even the most robust oral supplementation can achieve in the same time frame.

The Efficiency and Potency of IV Nutrient Therapy

Unlike oral supplements, none of the IV nutrients need the GI tract or liver to get exactly where they need to go. The IV route completely bypasses the GI tract going straight to the bloodstream to saturate blood and tissue concentrations of vitamins far beyond what oral doses can do. This method temporarily and safely oversupplies your tissues to restore and repair the deficit they fight on a daily basis. Paired with a high quality oral supplement regimen, this saturation can often be maintained making IV nutrition an intermittent need.

IV nutrients can deliver concentrations and potencies not available through oral vitamin supplements. Particularly in times of high or chronic stress or disease, the level of nutrients needed to saturate blood and tissues is higher than normal. Stress causes the body to increase demand for raw materials to do normal body functions. Stress uses up key amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrient cofactors faster leaving you depleted easier, quicker, and deeper. This is when a fast, potent, and targeted approach is needed and IV nutrient therapy is just that.

Ready for IV Nutrition?

What are you waiting for? IV nutrition will help to boost your immune system, balance mood, increase energy, and recover from disease and stress quicker. It is the functional medicine uplevel that high level practitioners, professional athletes, CEOs of large companies, and even the Hollywood elite have been using for years to live their best life and survive high stress environments. It is no longer used for just a boost, but as the necessary nutrient repletion system to restore health for those who have suffered long enough. If you are not getting the help you need for your health issues, or you know there’s better health available for you, consider this effective, safe, and quick option with the team so many trust for their best health at in2GREAT Integrative Health.

Dr Corey Priest, DC - Functional medicine practitioner

About the author

Dr. Corey Priest has been practicing functional medicine since 2001. in2GREAT was founded in 2014 by Dr Priest after 13 years of experience with his other practices. Over his career, Dr. Priest has worked with and helped well over 10,000 patients under a functional medicine model.

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