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Functional medicine is a relatively new term in healthcare, but it is on the rise due to its rate of success at treating all manner of health issues and conditions, including chronic illnesses that traditional medicine falls way short in addressing. In2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health is where you can find a local, experienced, functional medicine doctor, especially if you are seeking to benefit from vitamin IV therapy in Overland Park KS.

Functional Medicine and Good Health

Your in2GREAT functional medicine doctor in Overland Park KS seeks to help you find and maintain a healthy balance of body chemistry for continued good health. To accomplish this, we never stop asking “why?” If you have been told by your PCP that all your tests and levels are normal, and yet you still feel bad or experience troubling symptoms, you need the services of a functional medicine specialist.

We dig deep into your underlying biochemistry, medical history, and lifestyle to discover what is contributing to your health issues. Once the foundational imbalances are nailed down, then our team can design a custom plan to address these underlying problems. We do not stop until you have achieved the highest level of health and wellness possible. 

Vitamin IV Therapy in Overland Park KS

One of the most innovative and effective modalities in functional medicine is IV infusion therapy. Often, a significant part of a person’s overall health problem is nutritional deficiencies. What we eat and how we eat can cause considerable problems for our gastrointestinal system, including inflammation and problems with metabolizing necessary nutrients.

In2GREAT vitamin IV therapy in Overland Park KS can provide a wide variety of nutrients and supplements directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the troubled GI tract, yet providing what your body needs to heal itself. Our functional medicine specialists can combine numerous vitamins and substances to address conditions such as:

  • Poor sleep
  • High toxicity
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Performance
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Viral infections
  • Immune support

Vitamin IV therapy in Overland Park KS is but a single modality used by the functional medicine doctors at in2GREAT Functional and Integrative Health. For the best and most effective approach to healing and long-term wellness, call or message us online today to arrange a consultation. 

Dr Corey Priest, DC - Functional medicine practitioner

About the author

Dr. Corey Priest has been practicing functional medicine since 2001. in2GREAT was founded in 2014 by Dr Priest after 13 years of experience with his other practices. Over his career, Dr. Priest has worked with and helped well over 10,000 patients under a functional medicine model.

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