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Where Can I Find True Functional Medicine Near Me?

Although functional medicine is growing in popularity all across the United States, residents in some areas may experience difficulty locating a functional medicine practice. “Functional medicine near me” is a growing search on Google and other search engines (second only to “functional medicine doctors near me”) as the population becomes enlightened about the benefits of functional medicine.

Fortunately, residents of Kansas City and the surrounding areas can access functional medicine near me at in2GREAT Functional Medicine and Integrative Health in Kansas City. Our talented team has been helping local residents achieve greater health through functional medicine for over 20 years.

Why Search for Functional Medicine Near Me?

Some may ask, “What is the big deal about functional medicine near me? There are literally hundreds of medical clinics and doctors.” This is a question we deal with on a regular basis and are happy to answer. For decades, traditional medicine has served us well with simple health issues. But with the growing complexity of numerous chronic illnesses, traditional medicine is falling short in providing adequate treatment.

That is because the simple “if problem A presents, treat with solution B” approach to medicine is totally inadequate for chronic illnesses and new health issues brought about by a new generation of toxins, stressors, food additives, and environmental conditions. Functional medicine goes far beyond the first page of your health history, basic lab data, and an impersonal 15-minute appointment.

Benefit from Functional Medicine Near Me in Kansas City

Functional medicine near me at in2GREAT Functional Medicine and Integrative Health seeks to discover the root cause of your health issues, including physical health, mental health, nutrition, emotional health, environmental concerns, and even personal mindset. Complex health issues can originate from numerous causes, and discovering these contributing factors allows your functional medicine doctor to create a comprehensive plan to help you achieve better health.

This care plan may include some medications, but it can also include vitamin IV therapy, massage, acupuncture, exercise, dietary, and lifestyle modifications. Functional medicine seeks to use the most effective, science-based treatments to address your complex health issues, in order to help you achieve your best possible health.

Call our team at in2GREAT Functional Medicine and Integrative Health in Kansas City to discover how functional medicine can improve your long-term health.

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